No more depression, get hair transplantation to cheer up!

Hair loss is a common problem nowadays that occur both men and women due to several factors like genetic composition, improper diet, age problem, weak roots as well as dandruff. And due to the hair fall. Baldness takes place as a result people are suffering a lot and they undergo a severe depression. Due to the modern medical research, there are different procedures to get rid of hair fall but if its due to the genetic composition, then it can be only be solved by artificial hair transplantation. Artificial hair transplantation is one of the easiest solutions for those who have hair fall prematurely and thus this kind of artificial hair transplantation is becoming popular rapidly.

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Understanding the concept of FUE hair transplant

If you want to have a fair understanding about the concept of the Follicular Unit Extraction, you need to understand the concept of the traditional hair transplanting that is termed as strip harvest.

This strip harvest procedure creates a thin layer of scar at the back of your head but in the FUE hair transplant, the scars can be hardly seen. Artificial hair transplantation consists of the transferring of hair from your body parts that is full of hair to the portion of the scalp where there is a loss of hair. Over here the former site is termed as the Donor site where as the latter site is known as the Recipient site.

The entire procedure of the hair transplant

FUE hair transplant is a fast growing procedure that includes no skin cutting as well as grafting as used by others, the entire transplantation does not involve any kinds of stitching and thus scarring can’t be noticed as they are found in the other transplantation as the skin grafting is required to be done. The transplant is done by using a fine pointed needle like instrument. This method usually takes two hours or more. If it is a large session, then in that case it can continue up to 2 days. In the end, the follicular units will grow into healthy hair producing follicles. Before pulling out the follicular units in order to reduce pain, the surgeon could anesthetize the donor site and the wounds on the donor site will take 7 to 10 days to heal up.

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Advise that should be maintained

It is good to consult with the surgeon who has specializes in this FUE hair transplantation as they can guide you properly. One of the most ideal reasons for adopting this FUE hair transplantations is that it is easier, faster, does not involve any kinds of scars and most importantly wounds heal up faster.

After the surgery, you have to take special care of your scalp by washing and messaging at the regular interval of time as to increase the blood circulation. The entire surgery will be very expensive as compared to the traditional hair transplantation as this has many modern as well as unique features.