Meditation Places In Thailand

Are you ready to meditate in Thailand?

With so much stress and unwanted vibes that happen day in and day out, a lot more people have realized just how powerful and useful it is to learn the skill of meditating. If you have been able to practice this ability then you will be well aware that most countries in the East are rich in this practice.

When considering practicing meditation even further or even just to start out learning how to do so, visiting Thailand would be an excellent option. Some of the best meditation places in Thailand are not hard to find as long as you read and research about these beforehand.

Wat MahatatTemple of the Great Element

Located at Tha-Phrachan in Bangkok, Wat Mahadhatu, more commonly known as Wat Mahatat, is just one of the many meditation centers in Thailand and since it is located in the country’s capital, the chances for someone instructing you in English are higher.

Although most of the instructions and teachings are given in the local language of Thai, visiting the monks at the Vicaya Hall will make the communication much easier for you as they welcome group sitting and walking sessions here.

Wat Sai Ngam
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Temple of Beautiful Banyan Trees

From Bangkok you can go to Wat Sai Ngam or Wat Trai Ngarm by bus to reach Amphoe Nuang, Suphan Buri where it is located, and being able to speak in Thai is a great advantage when you really want to meditate and learn further techniques here.

A good amount of teachings for meditation can be purchased through tapes and books, and what is considered to be extra special with the teachings here is the focus put into channeling energy to the different parts of the body, most especially through hand movements that were developed through the years called the vipassana technique.

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Mountain Cave MonasteryMountain Cave Monastery

Seen at the southern part of Thailand, Wat Kow Tahm is located at the International Meditation Center in Surat-thani and they welcome retreats to guests but at a scheduled time as most teachers are available to provide meditation attendees with lessons both the mornings and evenings.

Those who are really open to the technique and teachings can avail of audio tapes and books plus they will also be able to consult with the temple teachers as they are available to answer questions even out of the schedule of the retreat you will be attending.

Tong Cave
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Tham Tong Meditation Centre

The Tong Cave is located at Amper Chom Thong in Chiang Mai and is an extension of the centre at Wat Maha That, another temple at Bangkok and this particular meditation center is schooled by a single teacher who can only speak in Thai.

What is special with this centre is giving the visitors the chance to practice meditation techniques at their own accord aside from that which will be taught to them by the temple teacher, in this way instructions are provided and the teacher will take the time to personally interview the participants as they spend their time meditating at the temple.