Where To Look For Ghosts in Scotland

When thinking about the mysterious adventures that Scotland has to offer, the first thing that comes to mind is the possibility of seeing the Loch Ness monster but that is definitely a shame since there is much more than can be said. Various Scottish ghost stories exist so it should come as no surprise to see that various haunted locations can be visited. Let’s highlight some so that you can see exactly why many ghost hunters can be seen in Scotland all year long.

Rosslyn Chapel

You can find the Rosslyn Chapel in the Roslin visit. It is a chapel that is 500 years old and rumored to house many spirits. It was said that artifacts were available in the crypt, including the Holy Grail, Jesus Christ’s mummified heart and the first Scotland crown jewels.

What is interesting is that many of the people that visited the castle and know nothing about its haunted nature did report meeting a black knight that was riding a horse. Historians claim one of these died in 1303 in a battle against English soldiers. There are also some stories about a lady in white that has the castle as home.

Cawdor Castle

There is a long history of weird paranormal occurrences reported at Cawdor Castle. If you love William Shakespeare’s work, with plays like Macbeth and Romeo And Juliet, so many are connected with this location. It is considered that Juliet’s inspiration was the Earl of Cawdor’s daughter as she had a relationship with someone in a rival family. The story says that she was killed by her father when she found out about the relationship. Ever since then you may see a young woman without hands that roams the structure in a dress made out of blue velvet.

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Dryburgh Abbey Hotel

Countless sightings and unexplained paranormal activity are connected with the hotel. Originally, this was the site of a monks order in the Roman Catholic Church, with Lord of Lauderdale being the founder. Sources say that the original building that the abbey was built on was of a young woman that ended up in a relationship with a monk. As the monk was executed, the woman killed herself. Dryburgh Abbey hotel visitors report that they see a woman around the grounds. She is locally referred to as The Grey Lady. Sometimes ghosts of monks are also reported.

Stirling Castle

So many Scotland castles are said to be haunted, with this one being among the most interesting. Various spirits are reported but the one that is the most frequent is known as the Highland Ghost. What is interesting is that visitors actually say that they thought the ghost was a guide. They approached the ghost and it disappeared. The Green Lady is another reported ghost. She is believed to be a servant of Queen of Scots, Mary. She is said to have died while trying to save the queen from a fire.

Niddry Street Vaults

This location was actually featured in “Joe Swash Believes in Ghosts” and in “Most Haunted”. The vaults were home to various merchants, taverns and basically countless outlaws, including Burke and Hare, well-known serial killers. It was reported that the Niddry Street Vaults were actually used to hide bodies as they were on their murderous streaks. Not many records exist but ever since the vaults were rediscovered, various ghost sighting reports appeared. This site is filled with paranormal stories like killings, suicides and rituals.

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