Interesting Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids To Consider In 2013

Whenever talking about Thanksgiving crafts, we tend to think about us and our ancestors. This is definitely not a bad thing but we should also think about the young ones because of two reasons:

  1. Children can get bored so easily during Thanksgiving so they have to be entertained at all times
  2. It is the perfect time to show them a great family time and teach them something about history

With this in mind, let us consider 2 very simple Thanksgiving crafts that you and your children can be a part of. While they are recommended for kids, you can also step in and we are sure that the entire family will have a blast.


Turkey Pinecone Thanksgiving Craft
By terren in Virginia under CC BY 2.0


Turkey Pinecone Thanksgiving Craft

This is definitely a fast and highly creative craft that you can go through. The idea is to use a pinecone and some paper to create a perfect item that can decorate an orange.

Start by cutting a diamond shaped diamond out of regular yellow construction paper. Fold it in half. This will be the beak of the turkey. Next, cut a rectangle that has one end shaped like a heart. This will be the wattle so use red construction paper.

No it is time to use a pinecone. Glue the wattle, the beak and Googly eyes to it. Dark pipe cleaner can be twisted round it so that it is easy to use. Take the result and just put it in an orange. Take fall leaves and glue them so that you create the turkey’s tail feathers. 2 acorn caps can be used to create the feet. Now you have decorations for the dinner and a happy child.

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Pumpkin Designs
By James Emery under CC BY 2.0

Easy (And Messy) Pumpkin Designs

This is great if you saw that the child loved Halloween. It is not actually one of the traditional Thanksgiving crafts but it is still a lot of fun. What you need to do is press some stick-on dots onto your pumpkin. Create any pattern you imagine. Alternatively, you can use masking tape and cut shapes into it.

Paint the entire surface of the pumpkin. Use acrylic paint. Any color will be suitable. Make sure that you let the paint dry and then remove your tape. You just ended up with great decorative pumpkins that look really great in a Thanksgiving setting.


Extra Things To Consider With Thanksgiving Crafts For Children

Basically any craft that is suitable for a young person will be perfect as a Thanksgiving craft. Your imagination is the only limit that actually exists. However, you do need to be sure that you do not overdo it. We saw many parents that simply tried to fill the entire free time that the kid had with various Thanksgiving crafts. That is never fun.

Play some Thanksgiving games for kids and let them help out in the kitchen with the small things. You can even let them arrange the Thanksgiving dinner table if they are old enough. The trick is to simply give the children something to do but you should take into account the fact that they do get bored a lot faster than we tend to believe.