Inspiration From Mahatma Gandhi

Inspiration From Mahatma Gandhi

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The idea of role models is extremely debatable nowadays. Some argue that they want to be exactly like a certain famous person from around the globe, just because of the great things that he did. The other side argues the fact that we are unique individuals and we can’t be like a certain person because of that uniqueness.

People think that if they are like a person, then they will be like that person. The reality is that our decisions make us who we really are and that is something that people should be aiming. We should learn from our models how to think and how to feel not what to do and where to be. One of the greatest minds that have lived on this Earth though people values and ways of thinking and did not teach a recipe. Mahatma Gandhi is an inspiration due to this particular aspect.

Here are some of his ideas and why should you let him inspire you towards a new way of thinking.

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#1 We Are All Humans

One of the greatest teachings that Gandhi left behind was the idea of looking at everyone as a human being, with qualities and flows at the same time. We have this urge to see the bad in people because we don’t want to focus on the bad inside of us. Gandhi talks about the importance of seeing good in others and leave out the bad, just because we are the same (we have good and bad inside of us as well).

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#2 Self Discipline                                                                           

We live in a world where everything spins so fast that we lose track of ourselves. Gandhi talked about the importance of being self-aware and conscious about every action and the impact that it might have on the world, the people and our lives as well. Additionally, self-discipline allows you to discover more about yourself, your purpose here and your abilities. It’s a great way to actually find out about who you really are with no strings attached.

#3 Everyone Can Use Violence

One of the most popular things about Mahatma Gandhi is the fact that he carried his life in a non-violent vision. In spite of this decision, he was one of the strongest opponents to the imperial powers of that time and we actually kept them at bay. He has proven that violence is something that can be done by everyone and is harmful for everyone. The idea of using his own life as an example, alongside diplomacy and vision has had a much more powerful impact than any weapon. That’s the reason why change will come from education and not wars.

#4 Open Your Mind

It might seem a little too new age, but it’s absolutely true. The world is changing and if we want to make it a better place, we should open our minds to great ideas, to new concepts and most importantly, to the opinion of others. Gandhi didn’t argue that one should leave his true beliefs behind and embrace everything that comes their way. He pointed out that the core should remain the same, but the mind should be open to any idea.

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