How To Use YouTube Videos To Create Highly Engaged Customers

Great promoting is the key to bringing in new customers to your business. If a customer feels that you are someone who is trustworthy and reliable, then they’ll feel the same way about your products or services.

There are plenty of ways to promote yourself to potential clients, but have you ever considered using YouTube.

The Benefits of YouTube

Thousands if not millions of videos are accessed daily on the YouTube website. You want to promote your products or services to the masses, right? YouTube is a good option. YouTube is not just for entertainment purposes anymore, now there are people who promote their businesses with it. It’s fairly easy to upload a video to the website, and your business will be basically promoting itself when your videos uploaded. The best thing of all about YouTube is that it’s free to broadcast your footage.

Creating a Good YouTube Video

The entertaining videos that are on YouTube have at least fair quality. Videos that are grainy and or choppy are less attractive. And it’s even worse if they can’t hear the speaker clearly. Make sure your camera is focused and that there’s good lighting in the space that you’re shooting the video. Also, make sure you are close enough to the microphone so that you’re not hushed or muffled. There may be settings on your computer or recording device to adjust your footage and make it more presentable.

Make short videos

With longer videos, it’s easier to lose the interest of the viewer if you’re trying to promote something. If you spend too long trying to deliver your message, you’re more likely to stray from important information that you should talk about. Stay away from the minutia. Remember you’re trying to get more customers, not start a sitcom.

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Edit your finished recordings and add special effects to make it better. Editing software is available for your computer for free, though not all of these programs are good. Do not overdo it with the special effects; just do enough so that it looks more professional. Too much would make it look cheesy.

Keeping People Interested

It’s all about the presentation, right? When you don’t sound enthusiastic and you don’t appear excited about your own products or services, don’t expect anybody else to be. Try to sound and look livelier. Do not dress as if you’re spending the day lounging on your living room couch. It might help to dress a bit more casual Try to involve something in your message that is relevant in today’s society and that a lot of people can identify with.

Things that are going on in the media, stuff that people see on TV and in movies, these are some examples of things that you can mix into the message that you’re trying to convey. It can’t hurt to have more of a sense of humor if it calls for it; people love to be able to laugh at things, don’t they?

By Boris Dzhingarov