How to Turn Your Backyard into an Oasis

Homeowners can take advantage of warm days and clear skies by eating and relaxing outside in their backyards. They can install fire bowls to roast marshmallows and other snacks with friends and family or place furniture around a fire for a cozy night. There are various design ideas for transforming the backyard into an oasis.


Place paper lanterns down the walkway in the backyard. This is one means of beautifying and lighting the backyard. The paper lanterns can be created by fitting a white paper bag over a tan one. Cut a hole at the bottom of the bag and place a small candle inside. The candle’s glow will illuminate the paper bag creating a lantern. Cover the inside of the paper bag with doilies. The lantern will look like a sparkling lace when lit.

Fire Pit

The ideal fire pit for a backyard is a fire bowl with a metal grill top. This outdoor accessory can be used to prepare meals and other snacks to entertain family and friends. Place a protective cover at the top of the fire bowl to prevent the fire from going out during a rainy night. One benefit of a fire bowl is that it is light and can be moved around the backyard. Place chairs around the fire bowl for people to sit on when having a party.


These will jazz up the backyard. They include colorful flowers placed around the backyard. They can be placed around a tree or down a walkway. Homeowners can even plant some of their favorite herbs and spices for preparing food in the fire bowl. Fill spaces with vases of beautifully colored plants and place them around the furniture.

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Bird watching can be an engaging past time. Place bird paths and feeders around the backyard to attract birds. Also, plant flowers and colorful plants that will attract beautiful insects like butterflies into the backyard. Few things can be as relaxing and attractive as waking up in the morning to beautiful scenes of butterflies hovering the backyard and birds chirping in the trees.

Stone Pathways

This is an excellent option for breaking up a large backyard into manageable spaces. It also helps to keep people away from the delicate grass in the backyard. The type of stone to use on the pathway depends on the tastes and preference of the homeowner. Some of the stones that can be placed on pathways include flagstone and granite blocks. The pathway can be hidden or made to stand out with lights along its edges.


This can be used to provide depth and structure to sloped or tiered backyards. They consist of step formations with small retaining walls in front of raised flowerbeds. The tiered flowerbeds can run along the length of a fence or be created at the center of the backyard.

Outdoor Furniture

Choose a private location in the backyard for outdoor furniture. One of the most ideal location would be somewhere near the kitchen so that anyone who needs a quick snack can run in for it. Alternatively, install chairs and a dining table under a shade in the backyard. Trees do not just provide shade but can be used to hang lights and other luminaries to add color and light to the backyard. A table and a set of chairs is an essential element in the ultimate design of the backyard. One of the ideal furniture types include wrought iron and picnic tables because they are durable and resistant to rust. Use colorful and comfortable pillows on the chairs.

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