How To Throw A Valentine`s Day Party

It’s Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air, and you probably want to have a celebration with your friends and loved ones. There is a lot that goes into putting together a Valentine’s Day party, including decorations and favors. You don’t have to search high and low to find perfect ideas for a fabulous celebration, just check out the information below.

Valentine’s Day Decorations

The obvious theme of Valentine’s Day is hearts of course, so feel free to go a little crazy! Find heart-shaped streamers in pink or red colors. Get plates and napkins with hearts on them. You can even try to find confetti with various Valentine’s Day shapes, such as hearts, kissy lips and X’s and O’s. Spread the confetti on the tables where you will be serving food for a unique flare. Another fun idea for decor is to find necklaces with heart-shaped beads. Your local party store will most likely carry these, so pick some up and hand them out to your guests as they arrive so that they can be walking decorations for your party! You can also take advantage of the beautiful flowers that local shops will have in abundance. Pick up some pink, red and white roses and put them in vases around your event space to create a beautiful, romantic atmosphere.


Valentines Day Favors for Your Guests

There’s no better way to thank the people who attend your party then by giving them a gift. One tasty idea is to put together goody bags filled with Valentine’s Day themed candy, such as conversation hearts or chocolates. Anything heart-shaped will do! You can also use those heart-shaped-bead necklaces as favors. Tell your guests that they can bring them home with them after the party is done. Feel free to hand out other fun, inexpensive jewelry pieces with hearts, such as bracelets, or even rings. Your local party store will carry many great Valentine’s Day favors for kids, such as heart pens, stickers, stamps, or even heart-shaped sunglasses!

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Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday where we can celebrate love and friendship, so make your party the best it can be using these exciting ideas. Don’t forget to dress the part as host or hostess for your Valentine’s celebration. Wear red, pink or even purple, and make sure to tell your guests to do the same!