How to Plan a Ski Trip to Japanese Ski Resorts

While Japan has always had a variety of ski resorts and winter sporting destinations, it has only recently received recognition for its quality slopes and excellent ski conditions. Visitors from around the world choose to come to Japan from the prime seasons of December through May when the slopes are covered with powdery white snow to enjoy all that this beautiful country has to offer. From lesser-known ski areas to world renowned resort areas such as the Chubu region and Hokkaido, there are many different and unique spots that are sure to catch your attention throughout Japan. When planing your next ski trip to this country, these hints and tips will help to provide you with the best experience possible.

Choosing a Ski Resort
There are more than 600 ski resorts located throughout various areas of Japan. From the mountains of Hokkaido to the island of Kyushu, there are many different spots that you may choose to visit for your ski trip. With all of these choices, it can be difficult picking a spot that is right for your wants and needs. If you are looking to enjoy an early ski holiday, you may opt to travel to Hokkaido, where the first snowfall is usually seen in early to mid-November. Here you will find huge quantities of snowfall usually on a daily basis. This makes for excellent skiing conditions in soft, powdery white snow. Because of Hokkaido’s high region and altitude, not only can you enjoy an early ski season, but a late one as well. Some popular ski resorts that you will find here include Niseko, Tomamu and Furano. When planning a ski vacation, simply look into each area and the different ski resorts to see which ones provide you with easy to challenging slopes, lessons, town centers and more to enjoy.

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Snow Sports in Japan
While skiing is one of the most popular snow sports that you can enjoy at hundreds of resorts around the country, select resorts also offer additional snow sports that you are able to take advantage of there. For example, snow boarders may opt for a resort that allows snow boarders on their slopes. While in the early 1990’s snowboarding was not allowed at most resorts, it has now become the opposite with only a few ski-only resorts remaining. Look for resorts that offer additional attractions and amenities that can be enjoyed by the whole family such as snow tubing, snow shoeing, and sled rides throughout the mountains.

Travel Packages
Travel packages are the ideal way to plan and save money on your ski trip to Japan. These vacation packages include nearly everything that you will need to make the most out of your visit to the backcountry including airfare, resort accommodations and car rentals if desired. Lift tickets may also be included in your travel package when purchasing from select agents. In addition, skiing and snow boarding in Japan is typically less expensive than in other countries. At around just 4000-4500 yen for a one-day lift ticket, you are able to enjoy the runs without burning a hole in your pocket.