How to Optimize Pinterest for Small Business

Pinterest is currently the fastest growing social network and it has increased active users by 1,047% since last year. That’s enormous growth! Although it’s still a relatively new social sharing platform, it’s slated to outrank LinkedIn this year in terms of total users.

While most people associate LinkedIn with businesses, there is no reason why a small business owner can’t take advantage of alternate social networks like Pinterest to gain followers and promote the brand.

Read on for three ways businesses can capitalize on Pinterest as part of a comprehensive marketing campaign and learn tips for attracting followers – regardless of the type of industry you’re in.


Think outside the box

Many business owners shy away from Pinterest because they think they have to be artistic, or they’re worried that their company isn’t relevant to the Pinterest concept. But any type of business can promote a brand via Pinterest, it just takes some creative brainstorming.

For example, let’s say you’re in an industry that is typically less conducive to the Pinterest model, like finance. You can upload pictures and creative boards that merely touch on the theme. The merchant account provider, High Risk Pay, has Pinterest boards that include inspirational quotes about achieving success, images of luxurious goods, and the logos of successful brands.


Embrace your inner photographer

If the images you believe are relevant to your business are absent from Pinterest, it’s time to take the lead. Invest in a nice camera, or use your smart phone to take pictures that embody the culture of the company. Use a reliable photo editing software to make even the most basic pictures look artistic and visually appealing. Picmonkey and Skitch are two free programs that allow the user total control over uploaded images. Another option is to create a board on Pinterest specific to images from the company blog. It’s a great way to drive traffic from Pinterest to pages or websites more specific to the business and it will increase blog exposure.

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Use Infographics

Infographics and instructographics are a great way to sum up an aspect of your industry in a visually appealing way. Most Pinterest users have become accustomed to the role of infographics on Pinterest and they are just as willing to “like” and re-pin these images as any others. Instructographics allow you to gather company data and industry stats and share it with others in a compelling format. Without making a hard sales pitch, an infographic can be the call to action that spurs others towards using your products or services.

Ultimately, like any social media platform, Pinterest is what you make of it. Companies of all shapes and sizes are jumping aboard the Pinterest bandwagon because the data shows consistent growth across the network. Don’t commit to Pinterest (or any social media network) if you can’t regularly log on and engage with followers, but if you have the time and resources to craft an online presence, the payoff is certainly worth it.

Author: Brian Patterson – Follow him on Google+