How to Arrange Holiday Accommodation in a Botel

Accommodation is a significant factor for the perfect holiday. Side by side with the natural landscapes, the full packet of extreme and exciting activities and the abundance of plenty of places and attractions to be seen, the accommodation is totally able to form your decision as to the direction and the tourist destination of your future vacation. The ordinary holiday accommodation usually divide our plans into two alternative models – booking a luxury room in a hotel or a private villa or having a nice and cozy place in a guest house or even in the camp side by taking the tent and the sleeping sack together with the other general baggage. Though, besides these usual vacation rentals, there is one more suggestion for you as to your settlement during the holiday. This alternative for a vacation homes choice is comparatively new and modern and it will be definitely an awesome alternative for your staying, if you strongly prefer something different and exciting. So, try it and let us know if you were completely satisfied and pleased with the interesting and diverse holiday accommodation in a botel.

The botel as an original and not a common type of vacation rentals is both – intriguing and cozy. Before we select you all of the advantages to have a bed in a botel during your upcoming holiday tour, we should explain you the meaning, the origin, and the functionality of this amazing and distinctive amenity. The word “botel” is coming from the English language as a functional hybrid between hotel and boat, so that is why you can also find a boatel as a word, presenting the same type of original and unique accommodation alternative. The botel is an ordinary hotel or a cheap hostel, which, though, possesses one characteristic that makes it so special and diverse. It associates with a boat, because the botel is situated right next to a channel, river or even a bay. This is not the boats, yachts or ships that are used for cruises through the ocean or the seaside. The botels never moves from a place to another, because they are moored in the most beautiful and attractive wharf cities or in those towns, where picturesque scenery is formed thanks to a riverside that crosses the district in its middle.
The accommodation in the botel reminds of the accommodation in the boat or in the ship, while you are participating in a dynamic and super cool cruise. However, you can preclude the possibility to catch seasickness, which is a big plus for a holiday in a botel room. You can feel some slight movements and shakes during your stay, which are usually caused by the passing by vessels. The awesome thing, though, is that the botel provides an amazing view no matter which room you will be placed in. the breakfast with the riverside scenery in front of you is an extra to your lovely romantic vacation. Besides, there are different kinds of botels – small and cheap, where you can be provided both – an original accommodation alternative and a friendly-budget list of prices for the services. There are also luxury botels with amazing apartments and sumptuous residential rooms. The most popular botels are located in North America – mostly in the region of New York – and in Australia, where the planet of bays and channels present the best conditions for a luxury and impressive net of botels. You can also find several botels in Europe. Try to book a room in the botel of Amsterdam or in the newest botel in Bratislava, which is located next to the New Bridge in the capital of Slovakia – you will not regret by all means.

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