Halloween Party with Harry Potter Theme

Halloween Party with Harry Potter Theme

Halloween was basically knows as ‘All Hallows Eve’. Christians celebrate it every year to mark the feats of All Saints. It is also believed that Halloween is influenced by a festival of Western Europe for marking the start of harvesting season. Modern day Halloween is celebrated with the main theme of scary costumes. The Halloween parties are thrown at night with the scary or spirit world themes of interior decorations.


Harry Potter Halloween Party


Harry Potter Themed Decoration

Harry potter series is famous among all age. It can be a very interesting theme to have for a Halloween party. First thing to concentrate is the presentation of the harry potter theme around your party area with the help of decorations, wall art or posters and wizardry and witch craft items.

Here are few things to make it a good theme.

–          Lighting should not be bright but not too way too dim that people cannot see each other. After all it is all about costumes and the interior decoration on Halloween.

–          To save money, most of the things have to be picture images for giving support to the Harry Potter theme.

–          Put photo print of famous stars like

  • Dumbledore
  • Lord Voldermort
  • Hagrid
  • Dementors
  • Werewolves

–          Divide the party area into four parts with flag representation of the four houses. Display the flag and the name of the house prominently. The pumpkin carving contest will take place between these four houses.

  • Gryffindor
  • Ravenclaw
  • Slytherin
  • Hufflepuff
Dark Halloween entrance
By Ashley under CC BY-ND 2.0


–          Design a special entrance. The idea can be from any movie. Giving the entrance door look of train station platform or a dark alley will do the job.

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–          Print famous dialogues of the Harry Potter movie characters and paste them on different places around your party area.

–          Make invitation card with Dumbledore printed in background with a wand in his hand.

–          Make sure to ask all the guests and invitees with a strict dress code of the theme Harry Potter.

–          In the middle of the room, hanging from the roof, with help of big pieces of clothes you can make a living Dementor. You can put a small led light of red color on top to give it a more creepy effect.

–          You may also use live animals like owls and rats in cages to give your party a more realistic look. Having said that, do keep in that in mind that under no circumstance may the animal or bird be harmed according to the laws governing the land you live in.

–          Plan many contests and competitions as the houses love to contest for points against each other.

–          The Host may go for the costume of Dumbledore to be able to be the judge for the contests.

–          Make gift bags for the winners of contest with things like sweets, chocolate, a harry potter book, a wand toy or so on. Use your imagination and remember the novel and movies for other gift items to be won by contestants.

–          Place sweets, drinks and munching items on different corner table around the party area.

–          Make the duty of few friends to actively keep an eye at the food and beverages supply.

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