Great Personal Growth And Development Goals Examples

In order to become happier and to build your confidence, you have to think about personal growth. Setting up personal growth and development goals is the first step. Working on the goals is the hard part but bettering ourselves is what we should all strive for in life. And, in case you don’t know where to start, we have a list of great personal growth and development goals examples for you. Choose the ones you want to focus on and work towards the best version of yourself.

Personal Growth And Development Goals No.1 – Become More Empathetic

Most people confuse being empathetic with putting themselves into someone else’s shoes. Embracing empathy is about understanding someone else’s feelings and experiences. Trying to live their experience or to feel their feelings is impossible even if you have similar experiences. You are a different person with a different background or with different reactions to certain situations. Trying to be someone else even for a second is not recommended and it won’t help you to connect with the other person. However, when you try to listen and to accept someone else’s feelings and experiences, you will get a new perspective. That’s empathy. Sure, sharing a similar experience might help the connection but that’s a different thing.

Personal Growth And Development Goals No.2 – Listen Actively

Active listening will allow you to become more empathetic. When you listen to respond you’re not actually listening. Try to listen to understand not to respond. In this way, you will not only become more empathetic but you will also show people that you respect them and you value their opinions. Open-ended questions are a great way to become an active listener. Make sure there are no distractions that can impede your ability to listen. And lastly, make sure your body language shows that you are supportive.

Personal Growth And Development Goals No.3 – Get Along With Others

The first personal growth and development goals (empathy and active listening) should make it easier for you to fulfill this goal. Getting along with others shouldn’t mean being manipulative or pretending to like someone when you don’t. Getting along with someone doesn’t mean being on the same page with that person in every aspect of life. With some people, it’s possible while with other it isn’t. So you don’t have to lie about your feelings and opinions. All you have to do is to find a common ground and to find some things you can relate to and to try to make that relationship as enjoyable as possible.

Personal Growth And Development Goals No.4 – Get Along With Yourself

In order to get along with other, you have to get along with yourself first. Know your values, skills, philosophies, skills, aspirations, and limitations. Learn to accept them all. Without knowing and accepting all these things you won’t be able to better yourself. Also, getting along with yourself makes you more authentic and it will help you to interact easily with other people because you will know what you can accept, what you cannot accept, and what you have to work on. Communication is better when you know and accept everything about yourself.

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Personal Growth And Development Goals No.5 – Master Conflicts

While learning to get along with yourself and others will help you to interact better with other people, conflict is inevitable. And it’s part of life. Learning how to resolve conflicts in an amicable and rational manner is the key to a happy and successful life.

Personal Growth And Development Goals No.6 – Become More Resilient

Resolving conflicts rationally is one way to avoid adversity and hard feelings, however, bad experiences are part of life and no matter how good you are at avoiding and solving conflicts, there are certain experiences you cannot avoid. Might not be conflicts, those experiences can be anything from accidents to incidents to bad relationships. Being resilient means having the ability to bounce back from any experience. Sometimes it might take a lot of time but resilience is an ability you can master if you practice.

Personal Growth And Development Goals No. 7 – Let Go Of The Past

One of the most commendable characteristics of resilient people is the ability to let go of the past. Letting go of the past doesn’t mean forgetting the past and acting like nothing ever happened. It means acknowledging the past, learning from past experiences, and growing from those experiences. By doing this you will live in the present, not in the past and your past experiences won’t have a negative impact on your life. On the contrary, letting go of the past will allow you to make better decisions and to be happier and more confident.

Personal Growth And Development Goals No. 8 – Manage Stress Effectively

Managing stress effectively is a personal growth goal many people have in today’s society. Most of us live hectic lives, full of stress, and learning how to manage stress is a skill we all have to master in order to be happy. There are numerous techniques to manage stress you can try. You have to find the ones that work for you and the willingness to eliminate stress from your life or, at least, to keep it at a manageable level.

Personal Growth And Development Goals No. 9 – Become More Mindful

Becoming more mindful is a great way to live in the present and to learn to enjoy your life despite the obstacles that you have to overcome. Constantly thinking about the past and of ways you should’ve done things or worrying about the future will only add stress to your life. Learning to embrace the present and live in the moment will bring you more joy and happiness.

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Personal Growth And Development Goals No. 10 – Confidence

Confidence is associated with success. Believe it or not, it was proved that confidence is a more important component than intelligence in determining an individual’s success. Why is that? Because confident people are more goal-oriented and they persevere. A person with a high IQ and low confidence might be tempted to give up on something they want if they do not succeed on their first try. Not to mention that being confident also helps people to be more resilient and better at problem-solving. And, of course, confident people are happier because they do not constantly worry about what other people think about them, their life or their decisions.

Personal Growth And Development Goals No. 11 – Overcome Your Fears

If you want to overcome your fears, expose yourself to the things that scare you. Make sure you do this in a safe environment and/or surrounded by people you trust. Fear usually comes from uncertainty but mastering the unknown will make you a stronger and more confident person. Make sure you don’t push yourself too much from the very beginning otherwise you might have a bad experience and you will increase your fear or anxiety.

Personal Growth And Development Goals No. 12 – Overcome Your Limitations

Having boundaries is healthy. Boundaries allow us to stay safe and to build healthy relationships. However, you have to pay attention to your boundaries because if you are not careful they can become limitations. And having self-imposed limitations is not good for your growth. It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone but it’s better if you take a risk and get out of your comfort zone as long as you do it strategically. Erasing all your limitations suddenly is not easy to do and it’s also not recommended but identifying your limitations and trying to become more open about new experiences is what will help you to move forward and to get out of your comfort zone.

Personal Growth And Development Goals No. 13 – Overcome Procrastination

Most people think procrastination is actually laziness. But it’s not. In most cases, procrastination is a habit of those who strive for perfection. Perfectionism creates anxiety and people end up procrastinating because they are too afraid to start what they want to do before making sure everything will be perfect. Learning time management and planning is the most effective way to deal with procrastination because it allows those who want to be sure everything will run smoothly to check their progress.

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Personal Growth And Development Goals No. 14 – Increase Your Willpower

Establishing goals and creating plans for achieving said goals is the best way to increase your willpower. And this is a great personal growth and development goal to have since it can enhance every aspect of your life.

Personal Growth And Development Goals No. 15 – Read More

Knowledge is power. You might be done with your formal education for years but learning is a life-long process. Learning should never stop. Learning new things is what will make you smarter and more confident. And we all know reading is a great way to learn new things. It doesn’t matter if you read a novel or a personal growth book as long as you read. Every book can teach you valuable lessons so make sure you always make time to read a new book or re-read a book that you read in the past. It’s a great way to find new perspectives, to acquire new skills or to become more open-minded.

Personal Growth And Development Goals No. 16 – Make Better Decisions

The choices you make determine the direction of your life so making better decisions is clearly something that should be on your personal growth and development goals list. After all, you want to improve your life and to make it as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible, right?

Personal Growth And Development Goals No. 17 Work On Your Attitude And Mindset

Last of our personal growth and development goals example is working on your attitude and mindset. You need the right attitude to achieve our goals. You also need the right mindset. Saying no and having negative thoughts all the time will prevent you from achieving your goals so it is important to work on these things.

Remember, it’s never too late or too soon to start working on your personal growth. These are just some examples of personal growth goals you can set but there are many others. Start with the ones that are the most important for you and then move to others that are less important.