Get Your Hair Spring-Ready!

Get Your Hair Spring-Ready!

Most of us in the colder climates are ready for spring to make its appearance.  Men and women alike pride themselves in proper hygiene, predominantly hairstyles.  Women are especially interested in beauty regimens and how to present themselves. While we’re preparing our wardrobes, we can’t forget to prepare our beauty specifically, hair!

Spring is basically here so be sure you’re prepared.  These 3 factors will help prepare those locks for the season ahead:

Spring Clean

Spring-cleaning can go a bit further than vacuuming and picking up around the house.  Spend some time evaluating your beauty products, for example you should get a new hairbrush every 6-12 months.

Using an overused, worn-out brush will show in your hairstyle.   Get a new brush to help your style and outlook on spring have a bit of extra spunk.  It’s probably a good time to stock up on more bobby pins and hair ties, as they frequently go missing for most of us. Whether it’s a new shampoo or styling products, Redken is a great brand to begin looking for new supplies!


Embrace a Lighter Style

Your hair goes through a beating in the winter.  Dry air can cause easy breakage, a lot of static and a serious need of a moisturizing treatment.  Thus, with spring around the corner it’s about time to refocus on getting your hair healthy.

Consider a simple, fresh cut or maybe even a new color.  Your hair is prone to breakage throughout the winter; one-way to refresh it is a new cut.  Dull split ends can drag down your hairstyle, making it look dull and unflattering.  If you typically done a longer hairstyle, having a few inches cut off will lighten up your do – readying for the warmer months.

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Throughout winter, longer and darker hairstyles are quite the trend.  Now that spring is just about here, lighten up for the season with a lighter style.

Highlights are a great way to add a little light to your do – no matter your hair color.  For example, a nice caramel color highlight works well to lighten up a brunette’s hairstyle. If you’re looking for something a little more risky, try changing with an all over hair color.  The ombre hair color trend has been peaking its way into the scene, consider embracing the dark to light (from root to tip) style!


Cleanse and Clarify

Along the lines of rejuvenating your style, you may need to send your hair through a detox system.  It’s not as harsh as you may think!  Prepare for spring by getting the gunk out of your hair that’s been building up over the winter.

One of the best ways to detox is with clarifying products.  Clarifying shampoos will helps to remove deposits caused by hair products we all love to use.  By doing so, you’re hair will feel fresh and brand new!

After putting your hair through a clarifying process, embrace your new clean ends!  Consider a conditioning treatment. The heat indoors dries out your hair and if you use hot styling tools, you’re hair can use a little extra care. . Moroccan Oil products are great for the conditioning step.  Winter is harsh on your hair; embrace its exit by giving your hair a special treatment.

What steps do you take to get your beauty regimen ready for spring?  Leave a note below, we’d love to hear from you!

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Min Kim

Min Kim

Min Kim is graduated student from Seoul National University. She loves to read and write about different health and fitness topics when she has free time.

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