Four Aspects of London Life that should NEVER Change

There are some cities in the world which have to work hard to make themselves appealing to travellers. They organise special events, spruce up their monuments and introduce visitor attractions in a bid to bring in some much-needed income, a fact that underlines the importance of the tourist dollar to their local economies.

Some major metropolitan destinations, however, don’t have to do much at all to bring the holiday-makers flooding in. One such city is London, the UK’s stunning capital and one of the most popular destinations in the world. Here are four familiar aspects of life here that most visitors hope will always stay the same.

Public transport

The superb red buses have been a symbol of London for many decades now, and even though their design has been updated over the years they remain an intrinsic part of the city’s overall look. Sleek black taxis are also part of the landscape and, beneath the ground, you’ll find a stunning collection of tube stations and trains, all of them resplendent in a magnificent art deco styling. Getting from A to B in a city has never been more enjoyable – or more iconic – than in London.


River Thames

Many of the world’s major cities were built on a river, of course, but few waterways have such a casual air of majesty as the Thames. At around 215 miles in length, it’s not a particularly long river, but it has been synonymous with London for hundreds of years. If you’re planning to visit the city for the first time in the coming months, be sure to indulge yourself with an organised sightseeing cruise during your stay, because the views from the water are especially impressive.

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Open spaces

A large proportion of cities developed from small towns to large urban sprawls quickly and unrelentingly, and in many cases the planners forgot to retain areas where the people could enjoy fresh air and some much-needed tranquillity. Thankfully, this isn’t the case in London, where the city fathers included a number of beautiful parks and gardens in their plans. Even in the very centre of the city you’ll see there are plenty of places in which it’s easy to forget you’re in the middle of a concrete jungle.


Rich heritage

It goes without saying that London is home to a huge number of historic buildings, monuments and landmarks. A few days spent in this awesome city is never enough to see all of the sights, so you may want to consider staying for longer. From the Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar Square to the London Eye and the Natural History Museum, there really is something for everyone in the UK’s capital, so if you’re coming to see the place soon you should consider drawing up an itinerary.