Foods That Are Okay For Prom Day

Do you wonder what foods are okay for prom day?

In my last blog I covered all the different types of food that should be avoided before prom day, so I figured it would only be fitting with this blog post to lay out all the foods that are okay eat and why. As a quick recap, avoid eating smelling foods that will remain in your bloodstream for 24 hours. These include: cheese, milk, beef, chicken, and coffee, as well as bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol (behind your parent’s back) . Other foods that should be avoided are the stick-to-your-teeth sticky foods and the fibrous gap-filling kinds. These include meat, mangos, pineapples, popcorn, caramel, sticky candies, coconut, seaweed, bananas, and spinach.

However, there are foods that can leave your breath smelling like an angel, so let’s talk about those. But brace yourself, cuz they’re all naturally raw foods. Okay, let’s lay these out on the table for starters:

  • Apples
  • Berries
  • Parsley
  • Cloves, Fennel Seeds, and Cinnamon Sticks
  • Lemons and other Citrons
  • Mint
  • Yoghurt

Righty, now let’s digest them a bit…


Apples, aside from smelling oh so pleasantly refreshing, are perfect for munching before a prom day because they act somewhat like a natural toothbrush. Chewing on apples produces a lot of saliva in your mouth which keeps smelly germs from breeding when your mouth is too dry. They also have a lot of fibre that can help to brush over your tongue and the back of your mouth.


Berries, though I would not suggest teeth staining blueberries, are also great Prom Day foods. They are an excellent source of antioxidants as well as pleasant smells. Again, just be sure you don’t choose any berries that will stain your teeth.


Parsley, a tad bitter in my opinion, but a great breath cleanser in its own right. Parsley isn’t just a pretty salad decoration, but a powerhouse of chlorophyll that helps deodorise your mouth. So, if you forgot all about not eating a garlic dish, no worries. Chew on a parsley stem for a while, do the hand to mouth breath test, and you’re good to go!


Cloves, Fennel Seeds, and Cinnamon Sticks have, since the beginning of romantic history and folklore, been known as breath fresheners. Just as a confirmation, yes they are! While it might be a bit foul tasting to chew on a mouthful, try chewing a single clove, a couple of fennel seeds, or a small cinnamon stick bark. Don’t swallow. Just chew. 🙂 Cloves, fennel, and cinnamon bark all have essential oils that will kill bacteria and bad smells instantly!


Lemons and other Citrons, while there is a slight web-information conflict on this one, lemons and other citrons really do help to clear your breath and make it smell like spring! (Okay, without the slush and all.) Oranges are just perfect! Whether you eat the fruit or drink its juice the refreshing scent will help to throw off bad breath. Lots of gourmet restaurants put slices of oranges into the water they serve for this very purpose. Lemons are also great for neutralising bad smelling breath and even leftover food smells on your hands.


Mint! Don’t we all know what a refreshing smell and taste mint is! Chewing on mint leaves, drinking mint leaf tea, Sugarless mint gum, and even CB12 Mint-Menthol Mouthwash are all perfect ways of cleansing your breath. Just remember that not all are edible! :p Mint has that knack for giving our mouths that refreshingly cooling sensation. Feel free to chew on mint leaves, if you want to go the natural route to fresh breath before a prom day. But don’t forget that using a good CB12 Mint-Menthol Mouthwash, though not as edible, is just as effective for great smelling breath!


Yogurt! A recent study was done in Japan which showed that if you eat natural yogurt that has probiotic bacteria twice a day for six weeks you can reduce bad breath by lowering the levels of sulphide compounds. Yogurt is also a great diet and weight loss food which is perfect for getting ready for your prom.

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