Feng Shui Bedroom Essentials

Get your bedroom layout just right to achieve good feng shui. Avoid being in what’s known as “command position”, where your bed faces directly into the doorway as this can be considered bad Feng Shui.

Instead, try positioning your bed so it faces away from the door and towards a window – this will allow qi to circulate within rather than out, which may help facilitate sleep.


Selecting appropriate bedroom colors is key to practicing good feng shui, and can help bring positivity and balance into your life.

Start off right by choosing skin tone colors – they provide an easily adaptable base color that works in many rooms – including your bedroom!

These colors represent earth, so they are very soothing and will create a restful ambiance in your bedroom. Plus, they promote health and healing!

Orange, terra cotta and cream colors can help create an atmosphere of serenity in any space. When combined with light blues, greens or lavenders, they help create an oasis of relaxation and serenity in any environment.

Consider pink for your bedroom as another important feng shui colour to use when creating good energy in it. Pink relates to earth, so it would work best in the southwest corner.

Or you could opt for a more muted hue of red. According to Feng Shui principles, red represents fire – making it an excellent way to increase romance in one’s life.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that too much intensity could prove counterproductive and it is best to keep things low-key so as to prevent any adverse outcomes.

As far as bedroom decorating rules are concerned, any water feature – be it small fountains and aquariums or paintings of water bodies – should never be displayed. This includes small fountains and aquariums as well as pictures or paintings depicting them.

If you need help selecting the appropriate feng shui colors for your bedroom, consult a feng shui expert. They will be able to determine which bagua area your bedroom lies within and suggest the ideal color choices; as well as assist with decorating decisions relating to elements and directions it should face.


Headboards are among the most critical elements in any feng shui bedroom, designed to represent strength and stability in your life and relationships. An ideal headboard should be made of solid wood or fabric upholstery.

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An important component of an ideal feng shui headboard is its height, which should provide adequate support for your head and back while leaning against it. A short headboard won’t offer sufficient assistance and won’t lead to restful nights’ rest.

Taller headboards can also help improve feng shui by encouraging energy to flow throughout your space, making it easier for you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep all night long.

Be wary of headboards with broken or missing pieces as these will deplete your energy and leave you feeling tired or dissatisfied throughout the day, possibly leading to decreased concentration when working in your room.

Headboards that feature sharp edges should also be avoided to protect the wellbeing of both you and your sleeping partner, and to minimize disruption of energy flows during restful slumber. Such headboards may interfere with energy flows in the chi system and negatively impact both mood and energy levels.

To create the optimal environment for Feng Shui, it’s best to opt for a headboard with soft curves and no sharp edges, creating an even surface and helping prevent negative energy from pervading your space. This will also prevent any negative chi from accumulating over time.

Color selection for feng shui headboards should also be carefully considered. Yellow, brown, and orange colors represent earth elements in feng shui, such as grounding, stability, nourishment, warmth. They’re great choices to bring a bit of warmth into any bedroom space while pastel green and blue hues provide relaxation through connecting to wood elements of feng shui.

Bedside tables

Bedside tables are an integral component of Feng Shui bedrooms, offering convenient storage solutions for books, lamps and phones while adding decorative accents to the space.

When selecting a bedside table, it’s essential to keep its size and overall design in mind. A bedside table should be large enough to house both your nightstand and a bedside lamp while not taking up too much floor space.

Another element to take into account when setting up your table is its shape. Sharp corners can be considered threatening in feng shui and should therefore be avoided whenever possible; round or oval tables may provide better balance.

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As well, it’s recommended to place the bedside table higher than your mattress to prevent accidental knocks at its edges and achieve a balanced and harmonious environment in your bedroom. This will create a rounded and harmonious energy.

Mirrors may reflect energy back into a room and interfere with sleep; instead, displaying an inviting tapestry in front of your bed may help create an enjoyable and relaxing ambiance in your room.

To enhance the feng shui of your bedroom, add art that emphasizes nature and life to enhance energy and promote positivity in life. Doing this will give you a boost and give a fresh outlook on things!

Accomplishing this goal may take much dedication and hard work, but the outcome could prove worthwhile – you might just be amazed at what difference it makes to your life!

An effective feng shui bedroom will improve your mood, health and energy – giving you more power to focus on what matters to you. Here are nine easy feng shui secrets that can transform your bedroom and create a peaceful space you’ll look forward to spending time in.

Natural bedding

Your bed is one of the key elements of a feng shui bedroom. From full to queen sizes, quality materials should be used to support it for optimal restful sleep and energy flow.

Natural bedding can help achieve this by being made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials, such as cotton and linen, both of which offer great softness for sleeping comfort.

Make sure your bedroom is well-lit with soft lighting, featuring soft hues. This is particularly essential to achieving positive feng shui as lighting plays an integral part in how humans process information; light can have different impacts depending on its wavelengths and how it interacts with human bodies.

Feng shui bedrooms should also feature symmetrical layout, with equal space on both sides of the bed. This is especially crucial if your bedroom features multiple beds as this creates an impression of balance.

An effective feng shui bed requires an excellent headboard to promote stability and promote good energy flow. A solid wood or upholstered headboard would be the best choice; however, you could use two planks of wood to achieve similar effects.

Utilizing natural colors in your bedroom is another fantastic idea; these hues have been shown to promote restful sleep and create peaceful environments within the bedroom.

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Other tips for your bedroom feng shui include making sure that your closet door remains closed, and not leaving drawers or wardrobe doors open when not using them; this will reduce distractions and help ensure faster sleep.


Storage is one of the key elements to creating an inviting and orderly bedroom environment. Not only does it keep clutter at bay and support healthy, harmonious feng shui design principles, but storage can also add an aesthetic element that looks clean.

Proper storage containers, boxes and baskets are essential to efficiently and aesthetically storing things in an attractive manner. From wicker baskets that make perfect throw dividers to larger storage boxes which can accommodate towels, blankets and bulkier winter garments.

An experienced feng shui consultant can advise you on which container would best meet your storage needs. Certain containers are better than others for various reasons, but ultimately their purpose should be ensuring maximum utilization of space while looking neat and organized at the same time.

Dependent upon your budget, pretty dishes or trays that serve as drawer dividers can provide easy access to essentials while eliminating clutter that comes from having closed drawers in a bedroom feng shui environment.

Over-the-door hooks and trays provide another effective bedroom storage solution by taking full advantage of hidden, out-of-sight space behind your door. This can help reclaim some of the underutilized space behind the door as well as combine with other solutions like closet organizers and shoe cubbies to create a fully functional area in which to live.

Feng shui suggests it is also beneficial to store shoes away from your bed if possible; shoes symbolize people taking advantage of you and can obstruct the positive energy around it. Of course, shoes may still need to be stored under there if necessary – just ensure it does so without creating unnecessary clutter.