Best Energetic places in the USA

Best Energetic places in the USA

Best Energetic places in the USA

Are you ready to experience incredible energetic places in the USA?

The USA has so many sacred places that are filled with energy. You can find many sites that can be visited, places filled with power and magical energy. Choosing some is quite difficult but we do have some that are really interesting and that have to be mentioned. They should be on the to-visit list of every single person looking for energetic places in the entire world.

Bighorn Medicine Wheel – Powell, WY

Bighorn Medicine Wheel

It is quite difficult to reach this energetic place in USA but if you do, you will love the experience. The place is sacred to many different Native American groups, making the location one that is filled with mystery. This includes Cheyenne, Lakota Sioux and The Crow. The power here is huge and if you talk to the locals, you will notice many different things that are quite weird at first glance.

Sedona – Arizona


Sedona offers so much to those that want to visit and that look for powerful energy. We refer to a site that is quite famous and known as an energetic place. Spiritual seekers want to visit this location because of the spiraling energy vortexes that are present. People from all around the world now visit every single year.

Land’s End Labyrinth – San Francisco, CA

Land’s End Labyrinth

The labyrinth is located really high on a mountainside that is rocky, only some minutes away from the beautiful San Francisco. The labyrinth is located right inside a public park. You will find it close to the city but not many actually hike to the labyrinth. Visitors get to see the Pacific Ocean and you will want to take some time to explore all the energy present here.

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Serpent Mound – Peebles, OH

Serpent Mound

If you are looking for a serpent effigy, this one is the strongest that you will find in North America. Native American legends highlight the story of a serpent that has different supernatural powers. It is not known why this location was created but it was made by man. Many think that the location was connected to the legend and that is why it was created. Even if it is not, the energy is really strong there.

Aztalan State Park – Lake Mills, WI

Aztalan State Park

This state park stands out as one of the most interesting archaeological and historical sites located in Wisconsin and in USA. There is a village here that has existed for around 1000 years. We are talking about a site that is filled with spiritual energy. The name of the village is the one that we mentioned but at the moment we do not actually have people living there. There is a suspected burial mound present because of a body of a young woman found there. She is known as The Princess and there are still people that now give out offerings.

Ringing Rocks State Park – Upper Black Eddy, PA

Ringing Rocks State Park

The name is quite self-explanatory. It is a park that is simply filled with rocks, the kind that you see in movies. You can easily strike these with hammers. The result is a sound that you can actually hear. This park covers 7 acres and is open to all visitors. Even if the same material is found inside the rocks, just a third will ring and vibrate. This in itself is weird and there are many park visitors that went through metaphysical events after listening to the rock vibrations.

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