Interesting Easter Games For Children

Celebrating Easter is all about having fun. You will not just want to bore your children every single year with the Easter Egg Hunt. There are various Easter games that are highly entertaining and that will make the entire holiday more special for all members of the family. When our children are happy, we are happy and this is what counts the most.

Let us consider some simple Easter games that you can play with your children. They are not at all difficult and are quite entertaining.


The Egg Rolling Game


Via Flickr
Via Flickr


The player will need 1 egg. Make sure that it is hard boiled. You have to set up a finish and a start line. The Easter game can be played outdoors or indoors and throwing in some obstacles make it more interesting. The purpose is quite simple: you have to get your egg from start to finish by using different methods. This is a highly entertaining game and you can easily improvise on the rules.


The Egg Toss Game


Via Flickr
Via Flickr


Make sure that you will play this game in an outdoor environment since we will be using eggs that are not cooked. Set up teams of 2. The partners should be facing each other and one raw egg is received by each team. As you can imagine, the egg is tossed from one partner to the other. After each successful toss, the players have to take a step back. This increases the distance and difficulty. Continue the game until one team wins.

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The Easter Egg Bowling Game

This Easter game can be played outdoors or indoors. It is important to have many hardboiled eggs. All of them should be colored but one should not. The white egg has to be placed on a carpet or on the lawn at a distance of some feet. Players take turns and see who can roll the colored egg closer to that white egg, without touching it. You win when your egg is the closest to the white one.

The Duck Walk Race Game

You need the starting line and the finish line. One player starts squatting down and has to grab angles, one with each hand from the back. On the go sign, players have to waddle like ducks in order to reach the finish line. This is a really entertaining game for children but there are also many adults that will have fun.

The Easter Bunny Tag Game

This is exactly like the tag game that we all know but with a twist: all players have to hop and not run. It is great for those young children that have a lot of energy. Alternatively, organize a bunny hop race. The rules are obvious.

There is no reason why you should not have fun with the Easter games mentioned above. Many others exist and there is always the possibility of improvising. You need to have fun and cannot simply stay focused on dinner or desserts. Easter should be a lot of fun so make sure that you enjoy yourself.