3 Interesting Easter Crafts You May Want To Try Out

A large part of the appeal of this holiday is given by Easter crafts. This is not only true for kids as adults also enjoy doing many different things. Let us take a quick look at some simple Easter crafts you may want to try this year. They are really simple and quite cheap.


Happy Easter
Image courtesy of [nongpimmy] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Easter Paint Chip Decorations

Paint chips are cheap and colorful, exactly what we want to decorate for Easter, especially since they also look great. One DIY project that you can consider is that of using the chips to create an Easter Egg Garland.

Think about the size that you want for the garland and then cut accordingly in square shapes. Then, make eggs out of the paint chips. You can use pencils to make it easier to cut and a rubber to remove any residues.

2 small holes can be punched in each egg’s top area and then waxed cotton can be used to finish off the garland. Slippage is prevented by the cotton. Now find a spot to hang your new Easter crafts made garland.

Envelope Bunnies

In order to make this Martha Stewart original, you will need the following:

  • Pink construction paper
  • Colored pencils
  • Glue
  • Pom-poms
  • Envelopes
  • Bunny template – available right here

You start off by sealing envelope flaps. Bunny ears have to be drawn on both sides. The bunny template linked above is not the only one you can use. Be 100% creative if you want to and create your very own designs.

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Once your drawing is complete, cut through both envelope layers. Flip it over and the side of your envelope will become treat holder bottom. Pink construction paper is used to make Bunny eyes. The colored pencils are used to draw the mouth and the nose is the pom-pom. The envelope can be filled with sweets.

Sock Hops

These are perfect for preschooler children and just need 1 hour to make. If you have some missing socks around your home, it is the perfect project since you will most likely never find the other one to make the pair.

You will need the following:

  • Dried lentils
  • Funnel or spoon
  • Rubber bands
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons
  • Cotton ball or white pom-pom
  • Glue
  • A sock

The bunny beanbag creation starts by using the funnel or spoon to add the dried lentils inside the sock. Make sure that you add enough for the content to be over heels. Now close that sock with the rubber band. Make sure it is tightly looped.

You then create a bunny’s neck and tie. The ribbon can be used for that. You just need to tie it around your sock, under the heel. The scissors now come into play and you use it in order to cut the cuff into 2 years. Make sure that you round edges.

The last step in this Easter craft is to cut teeth, nose and eyes from the above mentioned felt. Attach all the facial features together with a tail made out of cotton ball or pom-pom with the use of the glue (tacky glue preferred).

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