Dynamic Site Acceleration with Amazon S3

Benefits of Dynamic Site Acceleration

Dynamic Site Acceleration can increase your site’s performance by up to 500%.  This is accomplished by caching a site’s assets on a network of Pop servers that can be accessed repeatedly without data traveling to and from an origin server.  Tradition web servers hold your data in one region, making it slower for people that are located a significant distance from the origin.


Content Distribution via a CDN

Services like Amazon’s S3 speed up a sites performance by distributing content over an array of servers, but that data is all stored in one of six regions throughout the world.  The data may not use all of Amazon’s servers throughout the world unless the client pays for their CloudFront content delivery service.  This allows the data to be cached on additional servers, just like any other CDN.

Finding the Right CDN

While it may seem like the easy route to go, Amazon CloudFront is not necessarily the best option for content delivery.  Many other content delivery networks are compatible with Amazon S3 , and may be more efficient and less expensive.  Some factors to look for are the number of PoP nodes the service offers, how long they have been in the business, what their prices are, and how easy it is to set up with your Amazon S3 account.  Amazon is somewhat new to the world of dynamic site acceleration, but does have the advantage of owning their own storage solution.


Reap the benefits

Regardless of which dynamic site acceleration provider you choose, you will notice the benefits immediately.  Sites will load much faster, especially for visitors outside of your servers region.  Search engine results will improve due to Google’s method of ranking pages higher in the search results if they are faster.  And best of all the costs of operating your site and storing its files will decrease, allow for more money to go towards other business expenses.

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