How To Dress Up with An Authentic Superhero Costumes

Superhero costumes are perhaps the most common choice of costuming for all ages.  The varieties of costumes you might see could range from simple to very detailed and elaborate.  While you might think dressing up as a superhero is a simple and easy costume idea, you don’t want to go too simple with your costume.  You want to make sure you look as much like the superhero you want to imitate.  For example, if you want to dress up like spiderman, you can’t simply wear a red sweat suit and cap and call it a day.  You need the spandex, the full facemask, and a spider web to pull it off!  This article discusses how to dress up like an authentic superhero.  It will discuss where you can go to purchase great superhero costumes, as well as tips for creating your own.  There are also certain aspects to consider when dressing as a superhero, such as accessories and sidekicks.  Read on to find out how to authentically dress like your favorite superhero.


Batman superhero costume
By Olaf Gradin under CC BY-SA 2.0


What to consider when dressing with  Authentic Superhero Costumes?

How much time do you have?

First off, when deciding which superhero costume you want to pursue, you should think about the amount of time and effort you are willing to commit to creating your costume.  If you don’t’ have much time to offer, you might want to consider a less elaborate and time consuming costume than Ironman.  Once you choose your superhero, you must then decide if you are going to purchase your costume or create your own.  Great places to purchase costumes could include local stores and costume stores.  The advantage of buying your costume in a store is that you get to try it on.  However, stores could run out of the costume you want quicker than buying the costume online.  Also, online often offers a wider variety and more quantities of the costumes.

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spiderman superhero costume
By Olaf Gradin under CC BY-SA 2.0


Don`t forget the typical accessories of your superhero costumes

Second, accessories are probably the most important aspect of dressing as an authentic superhero.  Who is Batman without his yellow bat belt? Who is Superman without his cape? Who is Ironman without his glowing orb in his chest?  And of course it would be difficult to adequately portray Thor without his hammer or The Hulk without completely painting yourself green (or having muscles.)   Most purchased costumes will more than likely include these essential accessories.  However, if you are creating your own costume, it is important to remember that no superhero is complete without his defining feature.  Take some time to research how to make a homemade superhero costume. Chances are you can find easy ways to creatively make a homemade superhero costume that is pretty authentic, or maybe you are clever enough to come up with a great idea on your own.


superman costume
By Tim Dorr under CC BY-SA 2.0


Use sidekick fot your superhero costume

Third, consider using a sidekick!  How much more authentic would your Batman costume be if you had an equally authentic Robin by your side? Or if you are dressing as He-Man, why not have Sherah by your side?  Whatever your costume choice, do the research on your superhero so that you can look as authentic as possible.