Don’t Miss Out on London’s Glitzy West End

An annual trip to a sunny holiday resort is something most of us look forward to every year, but in recent times many people have wanted something more. And because of this, a growing number of travellers include a short city break in their schedule. There are plenty of destinations to choose from, of course, but perhaps the jewel in the crown is the historic and spectacular capital of the United Kingdom.

Thanks to an enormous collection of monuments, landmarks, museums, attractions, restaurants, hotels and live entertainment venues, London has something to offer everyone. Whether you like to check out the cultural highlights such as the Tate Gallery or you want to view the city from on high via the London Eye, you will always find something in this city that will catch your fancy.

Most city break visitors will only have three or four days to spare when they make a trip to London, and will therefore have to work hard to pack everything into the allotted time. As a result, the mornings and afternoons are extremely hectic, and in the evenings they rarely have much energy left to see the city at night. It’s a great shame, because the Theatreland district is always worth a visit.


An amazing choice

At any given time, there will be dozens of superb shows playing in the West End, so even if you feel exhausted you should still make the effort to see one. After all, you can always catch up on sleep when you get back home again. This glamorous area is usually buzzing with excitement, and a number of the theatres themselves are steeped in a rich history that dates back many decades.

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Many people head to the nearby restaurants for a pre-show dinner, and several of these establishments offer special deals for diners at this time. This is especially good news for those who are on a budget, of course, and for the weary traveller they also provide a golden opportunity to recharge the batteries in preparation for an evening of stylish entertainment in a local theatre.

Whether you prefer to tap your feet as you take in a spectacular musical or perhaps to sit on the edge of your seat as an intricate drama unfolds, you’ll find exactly what you need in the West End. Many tourists head to the famous ticket booth (which is located in Leicester Square) in the afternoon just to see what might be available for the evening’s performances. It’s a great way to save money, and to add an element of surprise to the experience.

By David Showell – Follow him on Google+.