Differences Between Mindfulness And Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation for not the same but they are very frequently confused that they mean the same thing. There are many types of meditation methods that concentrate your mind your heart and your calmness.

Mindfulness is nothing but awareness. It is nothing but paying attention to your inner body activities like thought behavior and your feelings and everything else. Mindfulness practice can be done at any time any place and anyone who is with you. This nothing but only concentrate on your inner body and completely focus on your mind’s calmness and engagement.

This simply means that you forget your past and future for the moment.

You also forget the option versus Real life and that I am the best and no good thinking from your mind for some time.

Main researches prove that mindfulness actually releases some chemicals in the brain which Trigger a happy mood in your mind. It also reduces your body’s blood pressure.

Mindfulness is very easy to practice and it is very useful to your life. How to practice mindfulness you don’t need anything else but just pay attention to your inner soul. This is the one thing that we all must be doing it regularly but we don’t do it. When you start to pay attention to your inner body and inner sense the changes what do you want to see in your body becomes easy and possible.

Mindfulness and meditation are just like the reflection of each other like a reflection in a mirror. They support each other when you try to achieve both of them. Mindfulness enriches meditation and meditation helps nurture mindfulness. Meditation can be practiced only in a specific time of a day but mindfulness can be practiced throughout the day at any time you think of.

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Simply put mindfulness is nothing but having awareness of your inner self while meditation is just the opposite when you meditate you have awareness of nothing actually, you forget everything.

There are many types of meditation available, some methods to target your mind and calmness and some methods target your heart and some methods forget your inner soul and some others forget your kindness and love and some methods to target your forgiveness and open-heart lifestyle.

Many people use yoga as a method for their meditation and some people use sound as a method of meditation like chanting a mantra for a secret word continuously to forget everything else. Some meditation methods called clear mind meditation and they use natural rhythm for the practice like slow breathing and slow walking such things. This method can impact you enormously, actually it is an aid, if not an experience itself. Like it said a hammer will help you but will not build a house for you so the methods are available but it is you who have to practice it regularly.

So, if you are looking to practice mindfulness or meditation, we can choose any one of them or they can practice both of them like in the morning you can practice meditation and throughout the day even practice mindfulness methods.

Actually, these practices are very important to everyone in the life but it is having you practice and how regularly practice will make an impact in your life I am the serious Ness you put in these methods you follow will help you achieve for what you decided to practice mindfulness are meditation.

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So, choose mindfulness or meditation and practice regularly to know your inner self and achieve great concentration of your body and the same will reflect in your work too.

Mindfulness is nothing but being present and whatever you’re doing. If you be present in whatever you are doing you give your hundred percent that works and also you notice the world whatever is happening around you like your moments your behavior and feelings and also things that affect you and eventually you can correct yourself on your behavior movements and thoughts. This is rare mindfulness helps you to achieve your 100% productivity in whatever you are doing.

This practice can be done at any time at any place and with whoever are and whatever you are doing. When your all senses are actively focused in one activity and you’re giving your 100% mindfulness to that work your productivity increases and you achieve the work in a faster manner.

You can also practice mindfulness when you are during a meditation activity also it’s done. Main resources found that many people thinking about something else and when they are doing something else actually their mind is focused on something else other than what they are doing currently this is mindfulness practice comes handy to you have your focus 100% on what you are doing at the moment.

Our mind is always thinking about our desires and ambitions about what you wanted to become if your life while we do something else at the present. Also, our mind thinks of whatever losses happened in the past.

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To come out of this thinking pattern of our mind and have your mindfulness in one activity, you need to practice mindfulness activities.

We are actually doing mindfulness practice every day like we brush our teeth in the morning. We use all our five senses like smell the flavor of toothpaste on the taste is recognized by the tongue. We use our hands to put pressure on the teeth and our brain senses where the toothbrush putting the pressure, on which teeth it is etc. Simply put, if you put all your senses into one focus on what you are doing in that moment you give your 100% to activity. This way your productivity increases drastically.

You can also practice mindfulness while you are doing your meditation, it actually strengthens your focus.

Show the difference between mindfulness and meditation is mindfulness getting your mind to focus in one thing what you are doing at the present and meditation you forget everything else other than your meditation activity and tried to find the calmness in your inner mind. They were excellent two different things that help you find your innocence and have a control on them.