Which Crystals To Wear To Help You Beat Stress At Work

Did You Know Some Crystals Help You Beat Stress?

Crystals have been known as having energetic healing properties even since ancient years. They are useful for us as they promote good health, happiness and heal various deep issues. Crystals come with unique healing properties. We have some that are better for prosperity and abundance and those that we talk about below are simply great for beating stress at work.

Clear Quartz

This crystal is useful for many different things. It is clear and translucent, healing issues that are at the soul, emotional, mental and even physical levels. It will link to a higher chakra, bringing in a connection to your higher self, wisdom and even unconditional pure love. Healers can program clear quartz for many issues, including work stress.


The stone comes in different hues and various light violet color shades, vibrant purple or lilac. It will resonate with Sahasrara (crown chakra) and Ajna (Third Eye Chakra). That will improve intuition and will get you closer to divine consciousness. Clarity is also improved as you are confused while anxiety and stress will be reduced. Many healers also say that amethysts help people with insomnia, cell regeneration, immunity and mood swings.

Rose Quartz

The pink crystal will be calming and soothing. It symbolizes harmony and love. Rose quartz opens the mind and lets you allow receiving love. You will find it easier to forgive everyone and move on with your life. This is a great stone for people faced with relationship trouble or emotional trauma. Wear rose quartz or just hold it in your hands but you mainly want to have it in your workplace or home.

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Black Tourmaline

A favorite of many, black tourmaline is a protective stone. It will help a lot in protecting from the negative vibes that other people have or from harmful intentions that are directed towards you. When you wear this stone you absorb the negative energy and turn it into positive energy. It is easy to remove psychic blockages or energetic blockages that are connected with the wishes you have.


The yellowish, golden crystal is simply beautiful and it has great healing properties. It will invite abundance and prosperity. The Merchant’s Stone will help you to manifest money through the removal of financial blockages while attracting as many new opportunities as possible. Citrine is great for weight loss and protection. You can wear it or just place it in a money box or cash drawer. It will offer aura protection.


One of the lesser-known stones, carnelian helps to keep you confident, inspired and motivated. It basically does wonders in helping you to deal with tough situations in life. The energy boosting capabilities of the crystal are known and impure energies will be removed when you just wear it. If you have problems with creativity, sensuality and addiction, carnelian is the number one option to consider.


The last crystal we need to talk about comes in various color options like blue, peach, red and green. Aventurine will attract friendship, relationships and love. Good fortune is promoted while brand new opportunities are discovered. To make matters even more interesting, the stone is going to increase self-esteem and confidence. This leads to better personal growth.

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Consider all these crystals to improve the quality of your life and to beat work stress. If you know of any others or you have personal experience with these, let us know through a comment below.