Christmas Party Games For Adults To Break The Ice

Christmas Party Games For Adults To Break The Ice

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The holiday season is quite close and we do have to plan ahead in the event that we will host a Christmas party. One of the best things that you can do use play some Christmas party games and out of all the games that are available, those that are meant to break the ice are definitely the most important. If you get these wrong, people will be bored and the mood will go down. Even if you offer wonderful homemade Christmas gifts to everyone, you still end up with a bad experience.


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Here are some Christmas party games that you have to consider so that you can use them as ice breakers.


The Christmas Party Gift Wrap Relay

Just as in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. when everyone pitched in to help out Rachel to get a job, you can set up a gifts assembly line. Spread boxes, wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbons and so on among the guests. Everyone will feel great and have a lot of fun.


Charades – Christmas Carol Variation

Everyone knows Charades. Some people love it and some people do not but you cannot go wrong with it as an ice breaker for Christmas if you add a twist: the theme. Use a Christmas Caroling charade twist and everyone will have a lot more fun.


2 Truth And 1 Lie

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This is a game that is perfect for getting people to know each other better. It also works great if you have some alcohol support since people do tend to talk more about themselves when they are tips. Through this game you can get people to share more since everything is done in a friendly atmosphere. The game is played in turns. Every person gets one turn. When it is your turn you have to make 3 statements. 2 of them have to be truths and 1 must be a lie. The other people have to guess which one is the lie. You can imagine how much entertainment can be generated with this.

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Decorate A Human Christmas Party Games

Various variations can be played. The idea is quite simple. For instance, you can use toilet paper in order to decorate one person as a snowman. Another person can be decorated as a Christmas tree. You can arrange a mini contest with prizes for the best costumes. That would be tremendous since it would help you to get the party jump started in a really short period of time. This, combined with the charades would usually be enough for every single person that participates in your Christmas party.


Extra Tips To Consider About Christmas Party Games As Ice Breakers

You do not need to spend a lot of time on the ice breaking games. Their main purpose is to get people in the mood. Make sure that they also get in a Christmas mood though since that does count a lot. You need to bring in dancing, regular partying and the actual Christmas gifts. Take all the time that you need to make a plan. That is what will help you out a lot.



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