Sailing and Water Sports in Santorini

Santorini’s rugged beauty and deep blue Aegean Sea create an utterly dramatic and exciting setting for an adventurous getaway in this volcanic Greek island. For those of you seeking a multifaceted holiday, Santorini has it all. You can either unwind in a luxurious suite overlooking the vastness of the sea, such as the sumptuous properties … Read more

A trip to the volcanic Island of Santorini

The unique volcanic setting of Santorini is an ideal holiday destination, thanks to its magnificent views, traditional Cycladic houses, unearthly beaches and interesting archaeological sites. Although, Santorini is mostly visited by lovebirds that want to seal their love with a kiss at the time the red-hot sun is setting into the Aegean Sea, there are … Read more

Culture Coffee Spots in Athens

Athens is all about sightseeing… we’ve no objection to that, as the city is filled with ancient ruins and impressive structures like the Acropolis, the Temple of Olympian Zeus right in the city centre and the archaeological sites of scenic Plaka, to name just a few. Now, what could be the best coffee shop for … Read more

Athens Best Bars

Athens, the vibrant Greek Capital is a 24 hour city. People meet at all hours of the day, for drinks with friends, coffee in the mornings, or dancing until the first metro starts at 6am. When it comes to nightlife, the options are endless, with bars and clubs, cafeterias, open squares and tavernas. If you … Read more

Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona

More and more people are opting to take short breaks several times a year rather than having the traditional once a year long summer holiday. By spreading these breaks throughout the year, travellers can have many opportunities to switch off from the daily grind, refresh and rejuvenate themselves, until the next mini break.     … Read more

Famous London Pubs

London is one of the most culturally diverse capitals in the world and has hundreds of interesting and intriguing sites and sculptures, but what is Britain most famous for? Pubs. Public houses were created hundreds of years ago where people would gather as families and friends where they would all eat, drink and be merry … Read more

Making Headlines For The Right Reasons

Titanic Belfast is hitting global headlines in the tourism industry.  This time it is for all the right reasons.  Long been a victim of terrorism and political conflict which had adversely affected the economy as well as had banished the foreign visits to the region.  The country is now fighting back hard to get back … Read more