Finding Spiritual People

Spiritual individuals may face difficulty finding others who share their beliefs, but don’t let that stop you from finding meaning and purpose in life. Good news! There are plenty of ways to find spiritual people, both online and in real life. Here are a few things you should look for when determining if someone is … Read more

Atheist Versus Agnostic

Unfortunately, atheists and agnostics are sometimes mistakenly lumped together; however, there are distinct distinctions between them. Atheists hold that there is no God, while agnostics acknowledge the possibility of a deity but do not firmly believe it exists. Agnosticism is an inclusive worldview which strives to incorporate both scientific and spiritual understanding without adhering to … Read more

Why You Should Practice Contemporary Spirituality

Contemporary spirituality offers a way to stay connected to yourself and those around you, helping build spiritual resilience, foster positive emotions, and enhance immunity. Spirituality has the potential to reduce stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms. Additionally, it has been associated with higher levels of psychological resilience as well as improved mental health. 1. Take care … Read more

Taking Your Connection With Nature to the Next Level

Connecting to nature has been linked to numerous positive psychological and social benefits. These include increased feelings of autonomy, personal growth and purpose; lower levels of anxiety, depression and stress; as well as improved attention span and cognitive functioning. When creating quantitative assessments of nature connection for children, researchers often started by adapting measures designed … Read more

Things You Do Not Know About Satanism

Believers in the Bible understand that Satan is an evil force working to oppose God. He also attempts to deceive people into thinking he created the universe. The Church of Satan is an American cult founded in 1966 by chat show celebrity Anton LaVey. It promotes anti-Christian moral values such as ethical egoism and animal … Read more

Astrology Misconceptions Nobody Should Believe

Astrology is an enthralling subject, yet it can also be intimidating. There are countless myths out there which may make it difficult to decipher. But it doesn’t have to be. Dispel some of the most common misconceptions about astrology so you can stop believing them! 1. Astrology is a religion Astrology is a belief system … Read more

Dealing With Death

Dealing with death is a normal part of life, but it can be difficult to handle. It can cause emotional and physical symptoms in some people and may result in depression or other problems. Grieving is a process that varies from person to person, and there’s no one right way to do it. But there … Read more

The Death of Dogmatic Spirituality

Dogmatic spirituality is a doctrine which is characterized by dogmatically claiming the presence of God in our world. This is a very controversial topic and it has been debated for a very long time. The author is looking at this topic from both a dogmatic and a non-dogmatic point of view. He explores the difference … Read more

Types of Spirituality

In the world of spirituality, there are many different types of spirituality. Some of these include mystical, heart-centered, intellectual, dogmatic, and nature-centered spirituality. Despite the differences, they all share a common goal: to connect with the divine. Mystical spirituality Mysticism is an esoteric spirituality that emphasizes a personal relationship with God. It is rooted in … Read more

Ghosts and Haunted Places Across Cultures

Almost all cultures have stories of ghosts and haunted places. These stories may be myths, legends, or simply an explanation of a particular place. Some cultures may be more likely to believe in ghosts than others. These include the Chinese, the Ancient Egyptians, and Tibetans. Ancient Egyptians Throughout ancient Egyptian history, ghosts were an important … Read more