Can Hypnosis Reveal Your Past Lives?

Every single person that is interested in spirituality knows how complex the subconscious mind is. This is an internal mental machinery that has a huge power. We normally try to understand this complexity but that only leads towards an even deeper complexity. Hypnosis is capable of tapping into this internal part of the human body and can expose past lives. However, this is not as simply as you may think.

Sometimes even one hypnotherapy session can lead towards a powerful emotional and physical experience, making the mind regress towards a past life, one that can be highly intense, like a war zone. Our subconscious mind normally gives us access to basically all senses. The strength of such an experience is definitely something most people will not be ready for.

Past Life Regression Aspects To Remember

Past life experiences are quite hard to understand. They are normally really valuable for personal development. In first we need to be concerned about the presenting issues of the person that is hypnotized. The current state of the individual is definitely something that will have a huge impact on the past life regression experience. Although we are talking about hypnosis limitations automatically appear whenever faced with having to open up to such a strong level.

Hypnotherapy that leads towards past life regressions is basically connected with various other techniques that are currently used in therapy. There is a connection with the techniques that are used because they appear in various other strategies. Sometimes you can work with hypnotherapy to identify the cause of different problems that someone has.

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Past life regressions will sometimes appear in hypnosis sessions that are aimed to discover something else. These are episodes that are normally the most shocking since people do not really know what to expect. Such an experience can have a dramatic effect on one’s beliefs and a lot more. In many cases the person that experiences an unplanned past life regression becomes powerless and can feel devastated.

Answers To Questions You Might Have

There are various different questions that people have when talking about past lives and about hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is controversial and the same thing can be said about regressions. What is really interesting is that there are different studies in which children talked about their former homes. After doing investigations, the homes were actually identified as being set in other years.

You do not have to believe the research or what other people say in order to experience past life regression through hypnosis. That is because of the connection with the subconscious mind that will appear.


Hypnosis can actually reveal past lives but it is important to keep an open heart. This is not at all something that is simple to accept for most people and the images that will appear will naturally be seen as imagination. Only when confirmed the belief can become strong.