Boston Attracts Tourists with its Wealth of Cultural Attractions

Echoes of history and culture pervade the lanes of Boston and visitors who have explored this city can testify it. This one of the most prominent cites in America has rolled tradition and modernity into one to make it a place that catches the imagination of the tourists. Its popularity as renowned educational destination also acts as in icing on the cake.  Its tourism potential also gets a boost by its beautiful scenery, award winning dining and fabulous shopping options.


Boston skyline
By Nelson48 via Wikimedia Commons


Due to great popularity of the city major airlines offers flights to Boston so that the passengers can travel to this destination with comforts.  The city is well connected to the different parts of the world so getting there is quite easy.  And Boston Logan International Airport receives flights from almost every corner of the world.

Getting around in city is quite easy as Boston has a very efficient public transport system. Besides car and taxi the visitors can make use of subway system that connects to most of the destinations.

The capital of Massachusetts has a wealth of tourist attractions that include places of historical and cultural importance. Due to a great sport culture the city is home several museums.  So whether you are an art or culture buff or a sport enthusiast the city never lets you down.  Let us explore its art and culture sides first.


Historical and cultural attractions in Boston


Glass Flowers at Harvard Museum of Natural History
Via Wikipedia


The city has a wealth of historical and cultural attractions. Museum of fine arts is city’s largest museum.  This museum is the best place to see French Impressionist paintings. This one of the largest museums in America is also a good place for family vacationers. Harvard Museum of Natural History famous for its  “Glass Flowers” collection is also highly admired among tourists.

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Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Via Wikipedia


The list of museums in Boston is very exhaustive as it caters to art aficionado of every sort. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum catches several eyeballs with its European objects and ornate floral displays. It was the venue of stunning painting heist in 1990.  It is not necessary to be an art buff to explore this city as the city also entertains those with an interest in aquatic life. New England Aquarium houses world’s largest fish tank and it has found place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The place is good for family vacationers and your kids will enjoy a great whale watching experience.

In addition to this USS Constitution Museum and Warren Anatomical Museum are other major attractions in the city.


USS Constitution Museum
By Official U.S. Navy Page under CC BY 2.0


Apart from museums the city is also home to some art galleries and Panopticon Gallery and Axelle Fine Arts Galerie are prominent among them. Panopticon Gallery is dedicated to photography and here you can find photography of 20th Century and contemporary photography. Axelle Fine Arts Galeries houses finest collection of European painters.  On your visit you can see artworks of some of the word renowned artists that include Pietropoli, Albert Hadjiganev, Jivko and Philippe Jacquet among others.

With so much to explore in terms of art and culture the city of Boston attract tourists with its wealth of tourist attractions.