Internal Barriers to Achieving Goals Post COVID

There are many internal barriers to achieving goals. These barriers can range from self-doubt to bad habits. People around the world are motivated to change, but the most successful change comes when...

Achieving Goals – How to Set SMART Goals, Break Them Down Into Small Ones, and Keep Track Of Your Progress

Achieving goals is a matter of setting them, sticking to them, and measuring your progress. Harvard researchers found that graduates who wrote down their goals earned 10 times more than their peers...

How to Raise Money for Your Congregation

Is your congregation in need of an influx of money? Have you been tasked with coming up with ideas on how to make it a reality? Do you find yourself stuck and...

How to Be a Source of Inspiration for Students

As a teacher, you can be a great source of inspiration for your students. As a teacher, you have a unique opportunity to inspire students and help them grow. This article will...

Positive Thinking Tips For Seniors

There are many ways to help seniors age well. Positive thinking is one way to prevent heart disease, reduce stress, and lower blood pressure. It can also prevent depression and improve sleep....

The Benefits of Determining Goals

There are several advantages to determining goals. They help you keep track of your progress and evaluate your performance against the ultimate goal or set of milestones. Goals also help you identify...

Most Common Yoga Injuries You Have To Avoid

There are more people embracing yoga every single month. This is because of its mental and physical benefits. The problem is that, at first glance, yoga looks like a very low impact...

The Consequences of Various Debt Relief Options

When you find yourself in a deluge of debt, it feels as if nothing will ever change for the better. But believe it or not, you do have options, one of them...

4 low-cost ways to celebrate your birthday

Most times, celebrating birthdays and other special occasions involve major expenses. While this is not a bad thing, financial situations aren't always rosy and a big party might not be feasible sometimes....

5 Inventive Ways to Come Out as LGBTQ in 2021

Coming out means informing someone something about yourself that might not be instantly obvious. In relation to gender identity and sexual orientation, this means sharing with others that you are LGBTQ. Being...
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