How To Find The Best Possible Black Friday 2013 Apple Deals

There are hundreds of thousands of Apple fans that eagerly wait for Black Friday 2013 as they want to put their hands on some really special deals. You need to understand the fact that the Apple products will be among the best sold so this brings in the necessity to basically analyze all the many different options that are available.

You have to basically take the necessary time to learn about the deals ahead of time. We all know that stores run out of stocks during Black Friday as so many end up buying the hot products. In order to avoid the unwanted situation in which you cannot buy your preferred Apple product during Black Friday 2013, let us first talk about the various deals that are already confirmed by the big retailers.


iPad Air
By David Mackay under CC BY 2.0


Black Friday 2013 Deals


Best Buy Black Friday 2013 Apple Deals

  • The iPad Air – 50 to 70 dollars off
  • IPad 2 16 GB – 100 dollars off
  • IMac 21.5 inches – 200 dollars off
  • IPhone 5C – 48 dollars off
  • MacBook Pro 15 & 21.5 Inch Retina Display – 200 dollars off
  • IPod Touch 32 GB – 50 dollars off
  • Apple TV – 15 dollars off
  • ITunes Gift Cards of 100 dollars are offered with a 15 dollars discount


IPhone 5C
By Kārlis Dambrāns under CC BY 2.0


Target Black Friday 2013 Apple Deals

  • When you buy the iPad Mini, you receive a special 75 dollars gift card
  • Apple TV with a 10 dollars discount
  • IPad Air comes with a 100 dollars gift card
  • ITunes Gift Cards of 50 dollars with 10 dollars extra
  • Ipod Touch Fifth Generation 16 GB with 50 dollars gift card added


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Walmart Black Friday 2013 Apple Deals

  • IPad Mini 16 GB of $299 with a 100 dollars gift card
  • IPhone 5C (starting price tag of 45 dollars) – includes a 75 dollars gift card
  • IPhone 5S (stating price tag of 189 dollars) – includes a 75 dollars gift card


Apple TV
By Rob Boudon under CC BY 2.0


Amazon Black Friday 2013 Apple Deals

The Amazon Black Friday 2013 deals for Apple products were not actually announced yet but you never actually know when they pop-up. We say this due to the fact that there are various deals that appear on a daily basis. With Amazon you need to basically click here and keep coming back to the page every single day. It is nearly impossible not to find some very good Apple deals in the days coming up to the 2013 Black Friday weekend.


Extra Things That Have To Be Said About The Black Friday 2013 Deals

Besides the various deals for Apple products that you will surely locate on many sites in the near future, it is very important that you also take a look at the official Apple store. While nobody actually knows what Apple will offer or what deals will be promoted by the official site, it is a guarantee that you would find something that you will love. Every single Apple fan waits for Black Friday sales and if you are prepared, it is a guarantee that you will love the money that you are about to save through direct discounts or gift cards.
By Boris Dzhingarov