Best Tapas Bars in Barcelona

More and more people are opting to take short breaks several times a year rather than having the traditional once a year long summer holiday. By spreading these breaks throughout the year, travellers can have many opportunities to switch off from the daily grind, refresh and rejuvenate themselves, until the next mini break.


By Salomé Chaussure under CC BY 2.0
By Salomé Chaussure under CC BY 2.0


If you are searching for your next refresher then a visit to one of Europe’s much-loved cities is always a winning choice. Why not take yourself off and enjoy a Barcelona weekend city break, the perfect way to relax after a busy week. Immerse yourself in the Catalonian culture, the architecture, galleries and delicious cuisine.


Barcelona - Tapas Bar
By Adam Wyles under CC BY-ND 2.0


Popular Tapas Bars in Barcelona

Finding a hotel to suit your style is a breeze as Barcelona has accommodation to fit any budget. As time is limited, and in order to see as many attractions as possible, it would be wise stay in a central hotel in Barcelona, although the underground system means travelling around the city is simple. Many restaurants are located in the heart of the city, so you’re never far away from your next good meal. Barcelona offers a veritable cornucopia for the tapas lover, so it is a must try typical Spanish cuisine across the city. Here are the top 10 best places to get Tapas in the city.

Cal Pep

Enormously popular – so getting a table may be a problem and many opt to simply edge their way through and sit at the bar to sample the glorious seafood tapas on offer.


Tapas at Cal Pep
By Tom Purves under CC BY 2.0


La Pubilla del Taulat

This is another very popular venue that is relatively hidden away in the backstreets. Delicious classic tapas with spicy meat stuffed potatoes, steamed mussels and fried cuttlefish specialties.

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Cerveseria Catalana

Offers a bar, pavement seating or restaurant and serves a magnificent variety of tapas to locals and visitors alike. Meals are available from breakfast to dinner time.


By Steve Bott under CC BY 2.0
By Steve Bott under CC BY 2.0



Traditional Catalan style, quiet atmosphere during the day with older clientele but can buzz in the evenings with cheerful groups. They serve a great variety of traditional tapas to some of the fussiest locals.


Serves fine quality food at quite a reasonable price. It has a welcoming family atmosphere and friendly service. Their range of tapas is extensive and includes stuffed eggs.


This is one of the best Basque bars in the city. There is a good variety of top quality selections at reasonable prices. Staff and young and friendly and offer customers hot pintxo – dates wrapped in bacon.

El Rincon del Cava

For the budget conscious half- price serves are offered.

Tapac 24

This basement venue offers many old favourites in gourmet style. Very popular and be prepared to wait as they do not take bookings.


Avery busy gourmet tapas landmark with a first rate chef. Wash down the tapas with a Moritz beer.

Las Panxa Del Bisbe

Has a bright young vibe where gourmet tapas can be enjoyed with a fine wine. It is also reasonably priced with good service.

Barcelona is certainly a perfect choice for that short break, to enjoy the city sights and indulge in the gourmet specialty cuisine. Why not book that holiday right away – you deserve it!