Tips For The Beach Bum: Beach Etiquette You Must Observe

Tips For The Beach Bum: Beach Etiquette You Must Observe

Do you want to enjoy a good time on the beach? If you do, then you must observe the following beach etiquette so that you will allow other people to have a fun time at the beach too!

–  Wear the proper swimwear. These days, there are lots of different styles of swimwears. This makes it hard for many to choose which type of bathing suit to use. When making a choice, it is best that you take into consideration not only safety but courtesy as well. When talking about safety, it is best that you avoid wearing baggy clothes that can become quite heavy while you are on the water. Such clothes may include an oversized shirt or a heavy denim shorts. This will be quite dangerous since it can weight you down and prevent you from swimming properly. When it comes to courtesy, one thing you should consider is the company who you will be with.

–  When you leave the beach, ensure that you will take your trash with you. Unlike pools, anyone is allowed to eat along the beach side. The funny thing about this is that food tastes better when you are on the beach. No matter how enjoyable it can be, you must always remember to clean up after yourself. Also, try and avoid to bury any food scraps in the sand. This will not only decrease the beauty of the beach, any leftovers will surely attract pests as well as birds.

–  Take responsibility of your dog, Most beaches allow the presence of dogs. In the event that you decide to bring your dog with you on the beach, then you must always remember that you should be considerate of the feelings of other people around you on the beach. Always keep a closer look at your pet. If you want to bond with him and play fetch or just simply enjoy the water together, go to a more secluded area in order to avoid disturbing the time of other beach goers.

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–  Avoid playing too loud music. Most people carry their radio with them on the beach. Since you will be going to the beach, where there are lots of people and lots of noise to drown the music out, you must keep your music within reasonable volume. When you play your music at an extremely loud volume, it will surely disrupt other people’s relaxing time. In addition to that, it can be quite hard for the lifeguard to hear any call for help. In addition to that, you must also choose the music that you will play wisely. If you will be on a beach with lots of family and children, avoid playing inapporpriate music.



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