Astral Projection Tips for Beginners

The times when thoughts related to the power of our mind were considered impossible to share with anyone are well gone now. People around the world have discovered the secrets of the Universe and the fact that true power is kept in the human mind. There is no limit to what we can achieve for ourselves by believing that it is possible. Once we manifest a though, wish or feeling and place ourselves in a receiving mode for our desire, things start to manifest in our life. It is not all about hard work and constant efforts. We can also create new realities with our mind if we trust the power within us.

Lucid Out of Body Experiences

Wise people around the globe have also discovered the power of lucid out of body experiences. Astral projection is no longer only meant for those with special skills or knowledge because it can be learned by anyone interested in taking the next step in their existence. However, the amount of effort required to live such powerful experiences is different for each and every person. It is only normal to be a more challenging passing-through stage for beginners but there are useful tips they can consider to ensure perfect evolution for themselves.

The Taking off Stage

This is the first stage of any astral projection. The tip to keep in mind here is to discover how you can relax your physical body best to ensure take off for the astral body. Once you have discovered the trick of relaxing your physical body fast whenever you want, you can achieve perfect comfort for the astral one as well.

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Next tip is to learn how to unblock your chakra during this stage. Once you manage to do so, you will achieve perfect distribution of energies throughout your astral form. This can be of great help for you during this strong process stage.

Step by step, you will achieve a balanced state with your inner energies that will help you produce a slight expansion of the energosoma. This is the key element that keeps your two bodies together. It must be well-balanced to ensure proper take off.

It is not always a must to unlock chakras so as to ensure energy expansion but it can highly increase your chances of doing so when you are yet a beginner in astral projection. When there are blocked areas of energy, you cannot take off because the energosoma will be connected to the physical body. Freeing the energy means freeing it from your physical form thus taking you to the perfect state for take-off.

Learn to Keep Yourself Lucid during Take Off

The second stage of the astral projection is represented by the actual take-off process. It is not only challenging to take the first step but also to maintain yourself in perfect balance for the process to become noticeable.

It is all about keeping yourself lucid during this stage. For beginners who might not understand well what this means, we must mention that lucidity in this case means being aware and making sense of the information we receive from the environment that surrounds us and takes us to and from our waking state.

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The same way our physical body can be asleep or awake, our astral one can be lucid or not. The real trick here is to keep the first one asleep and the second one more lucid than ever. This will ensure constant take-off and the experience meant to be lived at this stage.

Recollection of Outer Body Experiences

This is the third stage of astral projection. Once you have managed to achieve take-off, you will know how powerful the experience was through the way in which you can recall it. If you can remember the whole experience and how you have felt during that stage, you can consider it a complete astral projection. This is the whole essence of the recall process.

Astral projection may sound challenging to beginners. However, with a few trails and the wish to succeed, you can all manage to engage in these amazing experiences just by following effective tips for that. Do not let go after the first challenge, continue to try and you will succeed sooner or later.