About Boris


I am very excited because you just found out my personal blog. My name is Boris Dzhingarov and I love welcoming you to a little part of my life. After graduating from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, with a marketing major, I quickly figured out the fact that I love traveling the world and experiencing everything that it has to offer.

Nobody knows where I am going and what life will throw at me but every single day is special. I love my family (I often travel with my sister to remote parts of the world) and my friends. We always help each other and together we learned about the importance of forgiveness and trust.


This brings me to what you can find on Dzhingarov.com, a project that started as a way to share what I learned and help others. Initially, everything was about blogging, SEO, marketing, but then it turned into so much more as I was influenced by how much spirituality and meditation helped me. Although I do run a pretty successful SEO Company (ESBO), every single day I learn more about myself, others and the beauty that the world has to offer.

I am lucky enough to have had numerous incredible experiences, like surfing:


Or superman ziplining in Costa Rica:


Even so, I like to stay humble and want to share what I managed to achieve. On Dzhingarov.com you can learn about many topics that are dear to my heart, like spirituality, meditation, yoga and the true power of loving yourself.

You too can achieve everything you love in life.


Check out the posts on the blog and feel free to get in touch whenever you want to.

If you want to get in touch with me, please use the Contact Page or drop a line on Instagram or even Twitter (although I do not use this as much as I should).