A look at tourist attractions in and around Federal Capital of Pakistan

Islamabad, the Federal capital of Pakistan, is believed to be the country’s safest city for foreigners and tourists. The city is home to countless important offices and foreign consulates, which explain why a fool proof security plan operates here. Other than being home to various important addresses, Islamabad is the Asia’s best planned city.

The federal capital of Pakistan enjoys a calm and strategically important location in the North of Punjab. With fresh and green environment and a lot of plantation done in the past, the city has an aura of its own that changes shades with changing weather. If you intend to get the best of Pakistan by visiting just one city, you should visit Islamabad. Here are some attractions of the city.


Pir Suhawa

For those who wish to get out of the happening life of Islamabad that is burdened with government related complicated matters,  Pir Suhawa could be their haven. This tourist spot is 45 min drive away from the Capital and crowns Margalla Hills at a height of more than 3000 feet. Several restaurants with their grand decks offer you a chance to see Islamabad from the calm, quite and indifferent hues of Pir Suhawa.

Other than offering a chance to look at the regions greenest and best plan city from the hilltop, you can also enjoy the crisp sunlight, haunting sunset, great food and music there. For a one-day and least tiring trip to a great holiday spot, Pir Suhawa tops the list for many travellers and locals.



This 500 year old village rests at the base of Margalla Hills and is located just a few minutes drive away from Islamabad’s Supermarket. The area surrounding Saidpur has a history that spans over 1000s of years and has been home to the world’s famous civilizations such as Greek, Mughal, Gandhara, Ashoka, and Buddhist.  You can find many temples Hindu temples and ponds here that were built by Raja Man Singh in the late 16th century. Today, Saidpur village makes a famous tourist spot of Islamabad and receives many visitors.

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English: Saidpur Village 4
English: Saidpur Village 4 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) remodeled the village in 2008 by giving it a quaint look and feel. With reconstruction of temples, little fixing of the mud houses, and horse drawn carts, the village illustrates the glory and antiquity of the Pothohar region. To entertain the increasing number of visitors who are drawn to spending their weekends at Saidpur, the CDA has added some recent attractions and fixed the old ones, including restaurants and cafes, Sufi tombs, Gurdwara, Hindu temples, and Nomad art Gallery.



Murree is the most visited summer resort of Pakistan and lies about one hour drive away from the capital. The place is known best for its green hills and snowy winters. As compared to many hill stations in Pakistan, Murree is the most developed one. The hill station offers its well kept and facilitated vicinity to a number of visitors throughout the year. Murree makes headline each time it snows there as this is when the place gets filled with thousands of visitors from Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar.

The busy Mall Road, Nathia Gali, Doonga Gali, Kashmir Point and Ghora Gali are some of the popular spots in Murree. During your stay in Islamabad, you must not miss to spend one full day and night in Murree and that too during the snowfall.


Islamabad offers various accommodation options to the visitors as the city is home to many fine hotels and guest houses. You can also consider short stay accommodation and choose from the available flats in Islamabad. Before you finalize your trip, check with the Islamabad Consulate about the weather conditions as well as political temperature of the capital.

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