6 Types of Accidents That Can Affect You for the Rest of Your Life

A victim of an accident can potentially suffer serious injuries that might result in lifelong disability and in turn, affect the victim’s life adversely. In the event of such serious injuries, the victim should hire a personal injury lawyer Burlington to file a lawsuit on his/her behalf. With the help of such a lawyer, the victim would be able to sue the party responsible for the accident and if the lawsuit is successful, secure compensation, which would not only help to pay off the medical expenses incurred due to the accident but also make up for lost earnings. Here is an overview of the some of the most common serious accidents:

Construction Site Falls

One of the possible consequences of such falls is a back injury. The impact of a construction site fall can cause back injuries such as thoracic and lumbar spine injuries. These injuries often cause lifelong chronic pain and discomfort that affect one’s ability to work and enjoy life.

Crane Accidents

Crane accidents can cause different types of serious injuries such as neck fractures and cervical dislocation. The severity of such injuries depends on type of crane accident and the angle at which the impact of the accident hits the neck and head. In some cases, one may require to undergo a series of surgical procedures throughout their life to correct the effects of these injuries.

Electrical/Electrical Shock Accidents

Even if an electric accident does not result in death by electrocution, you can still sustain serious injuries such as burns, muscular spasms, respiratory arrest and chronic pain. These injuries may require prolonged medical care and hence may affect the quality of your life.

Car Accidents

With respect to accidents, these are by far the most common cause of serious personal injury. Some of the most common severe injuries that result from this category of accidents include brain and head injuries, which can range from mild concussions to life altering head and brain trauma. Some of the side effects of such injuries include loss of memory and loss of proper motor function, which can potentially limit your ability to work and even perform simple tasks for the rest of your life.

Fire Accidents

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), fire accidents cause at least 5,000n accidents a year at home and at work. These types of accidents can cause injuries such as burns, extensive pain and respiratory tract injuries that may require medical care throughout the rest of your life.
Fire Accidents
By Jason Bain (Ski Hill Rd. CrashUploaded by Skeezix1000) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Logging Accidents

Logging is a risky occupation mainly because it typically involves handling dangerous tools such as chain saws and logging machines. In addition to the risk posed by these tools, there is also the risk of injuries caused by falling trees. Some of the common serious injuries caused by these accidents include; amputations of arms or legs, back injuries and spinal injuries. All these injuries can change your lifestyle and diminish the quality of your life forever.


The lifelong effects of the aforementioned types of accidents can dramatically change your life and possibly lead to long-term disability. If you are the victim of such accidents, you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer Burlington to help you get the financial help you need to cover your medical expenses and improve the quality of life especially if the accident occurred due to negligence, lack of adherence to safety regulations or the use of effective products.
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