5 Ways To Get Good Links

Links are like nutritious foods for a blog to be more powerful and popular. Using links from other already established and reputed blogs or making your own links improved- either way is welcomed and practiced in SEO strategies. The links used can be a great asset to promote the brand name of the blog and have a feat. Like everything else, it has its negative side too. A blog-post can be so popular but it has to be replaced by a new one in that category some day. So, depending on any single link would be something ineffective. Once a post is out of the homepage, it is hard to even get it back. Plus, not all the bloggers will be welcoming to have your links on their posts, it is their SEO strategy and nobody is to be blamed for it. To save the links of being lost forever in the black holes of internet, there are 5 things that can be done.


Way to Make the Most of the Links: Build your Own

Before expecting any foreign links on your blog, you can have your own back and can build links for your blog. Social sites can be a good way to build and make your links known. Exchanging links through guest blogging or getting featured in other blogs or with other good links listed somewhere can be a great initiative.


Way to Make the Most of the Links: Suggest Some Nice Plus-ins

Suggesting good plug-ins, especially the ones you have already talked about or even helped in building can be beneficial for your own blog. A nicely executed blog-post with suggestion from you to people on how they can make their blogs better can never be an old trick. To keep things fine and reliable, avoid mentioning how the plug-ins may help with SEO task. Everyone does that, but no one really likes to hear it all the time. Focusing on how interlinking can be great to make a blog accepted to people and to build an online community is a rather appreciative approach.

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Way to Make the Most of the Links: Stick to the Good Ones

Of course it is necessary to get as much links as possible to get more traffic to a blog, but it certainly does not suggest that you can go blind and pick every single thing that comes your way. If links from your blog directs people to some weird and not-so-good pages, it will work as a black sheep instead. So, no matter how important it is to have the blog flourishing, it is even more important to keep the reputation up. This way, it might be a bit slower to have the blog the success you pictured, but once it happens, it will be there to stay. People will have faith on your site and the ones you have featured since it, is after all that keeps people coming back to you.

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Way to Make the Most of the Links: Tag the Titles

This can be one little extra effort have the attention of search engines towards your blog and the contents it focuses on. If the post is being featured somewhere, with the title with relevant tag in it, it will help the search engine to place your blog to a rank you might have been focusing too. After all, it is a double hit with a single post.


Way to Make the Most of the Links: Make a Difference with the Bios

For link-building in a more appreciated way, guest blogging is being popular every minute. It serves great purposes for both the guest blogger and the blog s/he is writing for. While doing this, it is important to have the bio of your blog set in way that it gets read as something out of the crowd and worthy of paying attention to by the search engine. In the bio link, the target pages and keywords should be presented in a way that it becomes unique, non- replicated piece so that it can play the game safe with the search engines while dragging good amount of traffic to the mother blog.

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