5 Tips on Customizing an Impressive Wedding Program

As your wedding guests enter the church, they will receive a wedding program. This wedding program will list everyone’s name in the wedding party, music, and prayers. This keeps everyone on the same page, which is focused on the bride and groom. Since this is such an important part of the ceremony, many brides want to make it stand out. They want to customize it to complement the wedding’s theme and their style. To understand how to do this in a way that will impress your guests, consider these tips.


Tip #1: Browse a Stationery Department

Craft stores, such as Michael’s, have a stationery department. You can find decorative papers that may appeal to you and match your wedding theme. This paper is what you could have your wedding program information printed on, so be mindful of how dark the color is, and how distracting the designs on the paper could be to guests.


Tip #2: Use Embellishments

People use embellishments on scrapbook pages because they are 3D designs that make the message of the page stand out. You can do the same thing with your wedding program by choosing an embellishment. If you look in a scrapbook store or department of a craft store, it’s likely you’ll find many wedding themed embellishments.


Tip #3: Choose Colored Inked

Black ink is the classic color for wedding programs, so you can impress your guests by using pink, purple, or any other color you desire. Just make sure guests can clearly see in on the paper.

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Tip #4: Include Photos

Pull the heartstrings of your guests by including photos of you and your fiancé. People enjoy seeing candid photos of blossoming love, so give them that in the program. You’ll see many of the guests with tears in their eyes, and smiles on their faces.


Tip #5: Vary the Font

You could keep the font the same throughout the wedding program, but you could also change it up to give it a unique look. Choose to use an elegant font on the cover of the program, and then a classic one for the inside of it. Ask loved ones to check the program before you print them out in bulk, so you can ensure they can read the font.


Customize Your Wedding Program Today

This is your wedding. It’s one of the most important days of your life, so make it great. When you customize your wedding program, you are making it all your own, and that’s what will turn a wedding into YOUR wedding.


To start customizing your wedding program today, visit the craft or scrapbook store, look at fonts online, and browse through photos of you and your fiancé. As you look, you’ll find yourself attracted to certain items, and these items will slowly come together. Soon, you’ll have the perfect image of what you want your wedding program to look like, and you’ll want to either work on it at your computer or share your thoughts with a professional.