5 Fun Things To Do In British Columbia

British Columbia offers a big welcome to all visitors; the rich province has a wealth of diverse and exciting tourist attractions. Those who reside in the area will already be familiar with the scenic mountain views, the rhythmic sound of the Pacific waves and the scent of the age old rain forests. If you are going on holiday in this cultural region then be prepared for a great adventure. British Columbia sits to the far west of Canada and it is possible to play a round of golf at one of the great golf courses BC and ski in the same day. So what can tourists expect to enjoy in the province?

. Water sports and activities
. Outdoor activities
. Festivals and events
. Touring and sightseeing
. Golf courses BC

Enjoying Water Sports in British Columbia

Water based vacations are very popular and British Columbia is home to many spectacular lakes and waterfalls. If you are looking for water activity trip ideas then you won’t have to look very far. The six regions within British Columbia are all very different so there are water based activities to suit everyone. Locals and tourists can enjoy boating, swimming, river rafting, fishing and canoeing.


Take advantage of British Columbia’s Outdoor Activities

Those who relish an active vacation should sample some of the outdoor activities in this westernmost province of Canada. In fact there is so much to do you will be spoilt for choice. Seasoned camping fans can enjoy pitching their tents on one of the many spectacular campsites or they can enjoy camping out in the wilderness. The fantastic golf courses BC have panoramic views that are inspirational. Those who love the great outdoors can cycle the city paths or brave the steep terrain on a mountain bike. Climbers can ascend the cliffs and cavers can enjoy an underground tour to admire the rock formations. Everyone who goes in vacation in the region should explore the history of the Aborigines.

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British Columbia
By Wofratz on German Wikipedia [CC-BY-SA-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

Pursue the Arts in the Province

If you live for culture and arts then British Columbia is the place for you. Music fans can visit many events that incorporate all genres. Enjoy listening to Indie rock, accordion music, jazz or classical. The festivals are fascinating and you can experience dance, visual arts, crafts and films. Sporting fans will love watching the Williams Lake Stampede or the World Ski and Snowboard Festival.


Go Out and see the Sights

The province attracts many tourists and sightseers and you can personalize your sightseeing trips accordingly. You may enjoy a cultural journey, a wildlife tour or a culinary experience. Visitors can enjoy a self-guided sightseeing tour or they may prefer to join one of the many guided tours. Keen golfers could even consider touring the amazing golf courses BC has to offer. Tourists can travel around the province by horse drawn carriage or they can walk. However more adventurous visitors might enjoy touring by helicopter, train or float plane.

Most of us want to have fun when we are on vacation and this westernmost area of Canada is totally geared up for tourism.