4 key points of web design and development

Although there are a lot of things to learn before one can become an expert in web design and development, there are certain fundamental areas which a budding designer must always pay attention.  These are as follows:


It is believed that Colors can express what words cannot.  Color can evoke different human emotions which can make stay at a web page longer than usual. The more they stay the more traffic you get for your site. However the choice of colors should be appropriate with the nature of the website. Loud and awkward colors can drive away viewers.


A good website is not just pleasing to the eyes, but also stimulating to the mind. In the world of web development the line ‘Content is king’ is very popular. The articles that you’re put on the website must be well written, full of information and easy to comprehend. You must provide fresh, creative and up-to-date, content. A good website is good because it lives up to the quality it promises. You must always remember that quality is always more important quantity. You should do detailed research to learn how to provide high class content to your visitors so that they keep coming back.

Never attempt any content duplication as it can ruin the keyword search and hurt your sites reputation.  You may even be punished by search engines. Providing copied info to your readers is like cheating them with a false promise. Even if you are giving them little information, make sure it is really good.

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Link building is universally accepted as an effective way of attracting good traffic into your website. Links can be both internal and external. SEO experts are often brought in to help with link building. Internal linking allows navigation between pages within the website. This feature lets search engines to go through every page of your website. On the other hand external link building helps to promote your site by linking it with other websites. This gives your website more exposure and popularity. Your website will have improved rankings if you can build links with other sites. However you should make sure that these sites are reputed and their content is relevant to your own.


A professional web design company will offer easy access and movement within and outside the website is essential for a positive visitor experience crucial.  Features such as search bars, Home buttons, ‘Short cut’ buttons, and icons are crucial as they help you to explore the site easily.  Avoid navigation features that may irritate any user and certainly do not use Pop-ups in your content. Videos and photos can play a vital role in attracting large number of visitors. You can put key information and useful tips include in a video or a slide-show and put it into the site. Make sure the photos and videos are in a format that is supported by most browser.

For this reason link building is considered highly important in both the fields of SEO as well as web development.