3 Ways To Find Inspiration For Your Writing

Even the greatest writers lack inspiration. Their muses disappear, everything gets blurry and the white paper is patiently waiting to be filled. But with what? Letters, stories, tragedies, food recipes coming from where? Well, the secret is a portion of inspiration. There is no universal fount for this, so every writer has the duty of finding it. Here are 3 possible sources for good writing. Give them a try; you never know that’s the result. And remember, the beauty comes from unknown sources.


Listening to music and entering a deep relaxation state of mind. Usually going out and breathing for a couple a seconds fresh air helps. Music is the most powerful tool for the masses. Studies have shown that people are addicted to music and sex. Well, you can apply both strategies if you are running out of inspiration.

Depending on the subject or even book you are writing about, it’s very important that you are at peace with yourself. This helps you concentrate just on writing. Being at peace is actually a long complex process that we seek almost every day. But being at peace while writing means relaxing, listening to a song that gets you in a good productive mood.

So advice number one: Relax, take a deep breath and play your favorite song, read your favorite paragraph from a book. It’s all about you. The process of writing can be blocked easily by external influencers, such as nerbosity, anxiety or fatigue. So the more you concentrate on redirecting your chakras, which are energy points in the subtle body, into the writing process, the more you’ll get the results you want.

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People watching. Go out and take a seat. The crowd is one of the most unlikiest sources of inspiration and a very interesting activity for any writer. If you have a good eye, fine details are the key for a good draft. The vibe, the energy will reinforce you, because…what’s more inspiring than humanity? We are the same, and still very different. Sometimes, lonely walks in special places help. Grab a cup of coffee and start exploring the old part of your city, a park, a building. Sometimes, it’s good to feels like a tourist in your own town, because you never know what’s there, in front of you.

To quote Picasso, “Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.” So advice number three  is: keep yourself busy. Watch movies, explore art, play an instrument, change your desktop wallpaper every time you need a change. It actually helps.

Watching Documentaries

Watch documentaries. For example, if you love New York, watch personal experiences of people who have visited The Big Apple in real life. This way, you will connect with the spirit of NYC and why not, write about it. Instead of working like a workaholic all day, keep yourself busy with some cultural activities. That could be your second job, with immediate results: inspiration, creativity, ability to analyze things from various perspectives.

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