3 Amazing Vacation Spots in Barrie, Ontario

3 Amazing Vacation Spots in Barrie, Ontario

In a survey carried out not too long ago, Canada was named as one of the top ten countries with the happiest people on the planet. In the survey, various factors were considered including healthcare, security, income among other things. A good number of cities in Canada make it to the list of the best places to live in the world every year. It would, therefore, make a great deal of sense for anyone to want to visit this great country. Canada is a beautiful country with numerous tourist attractions from snow-covered mountains to breathtaking lakes to serene natural parks. This article will focus on the captivating city of Barrie in Ontario, and some of the most amazing vacations spots it has to offer.


Mount St. Louis

If you love snow, skiing and snowboarding then this is the best place to visit while in Barrie. The best thing about this particular destination is that you don’t have to commute every single day in order to enjoy the two sports. Mount St. Louis is actually a ski resort and what this means is that you can find accommodation where you can stay for as long as you wish, waking up every morning for a good dose of snow sports. Skiing in Barrie is a made even more wonderful due to the fact that Mount St. Louis Moonstone is blessed with abundant slopes — 36 to be exact. This translates to variety, and as a result, you will not get bored during your stay there. Present are nine lifts that are used to transport skiers to the top of the mountain. The resort is family friendly and also offers a great platform for beginner skiers to perfect their skills. Needless to say, this is the best place to go skiing in Barrie.

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Elm Vale Jungle Zoo

You really don’t have to travel all the way to Asia and Africa in order to see majestic wild animals. Elm vale jungle Zoo offers a wonderful opportunity for the young and old to see all manner of captivating creatures. These include tigers, lions, jaguars, monkeys, and snakes among others. In total, there are more than three hundred wild animals in the zoo from different parts of the planet. The beauty of it all is that visitors can actually interact with the animals present. This is usually allowed at specific times, every day of the week. It’s a great place to bring the kids as they will get to learn a lot about animals and nature in general.


Kempenfelt Bay

This is where all the water-fun lovers congregate. At Kempenfelt Bay, there are quite a number of activities that you can engage in. When the lake has frozen over, you can do some ice fishing, when the water is all liquid then some regular fishing might be in order. Fishing is not all there is to this particular location. On summer days, tourists make their way here to board the Serendipity Princess for a relaxing cruise. There is nothing quite like touring the sights around Kempenfelt Bay on a lazy sunny afternoon aboard this captivating three-decked paddle wheeler. Best of all, you can enjoy a delicious meal as you take in the surrounding beauty.



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