Weird Energy Places In Greece

Weird Energy Places In Greece

Greece is a highly spiritual country with a history that is based on legends and energy, in so many possible variations. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise to notice various energy places that draw in millions of people from all around the world every single year. Greece as a country is a place of mystery that has legends that are impossible not to attract you. With this in mind, here are the mysterious energy places that you want to visit in Greece.

Lakonia – Pyramid Of Taygetos Mountain

Lakonia – Pyramid Of Taygetos Mountain

This is a phenomenon pyramid that is located right on the highest peak of Mount Taygetos. It is quite unique and there are claims that this is actually the oldest of all the pyramids in the entire world. Most people want to visit in order to figure out if the pyramid was created by humans or it is a natural phenomenon. This is a place filled with energy and power that is said to be highly beneficial for the visitors.

Attica – Davelis Cave


This is a metaphysical location in Greece, most likely, the best known one. Davelis Cave has so many mysteries and legends attached to its name. It is seen as god Pan’s once holy place, together with the Nymphs, a true milestone for Greek mythology. What is interesting is that this is the one location in the country that brought in the most stories associated with ghost stories, electromagnetic phenomena, conspiracy theories, time gates, Davelis legend and other myths or legends.

Arkadia – Church Of Aghia Theodora

Church Of Aghia Theodora

This is definitely a weird Greek church that is located in the Arkadia Prefecture, close to Megalopolis. There are 17 trees that embrace a church built in the 12th century. Brunches actually pop through the roof and you never see the roots. Experts do not understand this phenomenon. Public tradition says that Saint Theodora was responsible as her body became the church, while the hair grew into the trees that surround the church. Positive energy can be found all around this church so you do want to consider a visit.

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Argolida – Asclepion At Epidaurus

Asclepion At Epidaurus

This is a huge healing temple, the largest one that still stands today. It is dedicated to Asclepios and the temple stood out as a meeting point for those that were suffering in ancient Greece. The location is highly positively charged and you will feel great from the moment you see it.


Aherusia was seen as the entrance of Hades to his underworld and frightful rivers in ancient Greece. Human imagination and mythology created a location that has so much history. You can feel the energy created here along the years through necromancy stories and so many otherworldly legends.

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