Is it time to offer spiritual advice to others?

Is it time to offer spiritual advice to others?

February 17, 2018757Views
Is It Your Calling To Give Others Spiritual Guidance

Everybody has a calling in life and some people’s calling is to give other spiritual guidance in life. Your calling comes from the knowledge within you and it is more than something you do in life, it is your entire life’s work. We all have a purpose in this life and sooner or later we all find out what that purpose is. Before discovering your true calling you will discover other things such as who you want to be, what you want to do, what are your values, and what the world means to you. Knowing these things will allow you to fulfill your true calling when you discover it, however, keep in mind that your ideas are just a way to bring you closer to our truth and the knowledge that will emerge when you will acknowledge your calling.

It’s hard to guess what your true calling is because that is something that emerges naturally. Once you discover your calling, you will notice that every moment of your life contained elements of your greater truth and purpose.

If your calling in life is to give others spiritual guidance, you are a person that experiences the presence of God, a person that can live this life without being affected by the worldly pleasures, you will be able to understand God’s vision and you will share it with the people around you. Being a person who gives spiritual guidance means that you are the messenger of God on this planet, you will praise Him and you will enable other people to praise God and to be closer to Him.

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Offering spiritual guidance to other people doesn’t mean you have to be involved in a religious organization. Some leaders in religious organizations are just managers, not spiritual leaders. Spiritual leaders inspire, they do not instruct, and they influence, not give orders. Spiritual leaders are also very intuitive and they know that their objectives are larger than themselves.

Offering spiritual guidance means helping others discover their true calling and showing people how to overcome obstacles and to grow spiritually. Giving spiritual guidance does not mean making people more productive, it means leading people through a transformation process, a transformation that will allow them to discover their passion and to see things from a different perspective.

And last, but not least, spiritual leaders are those who can change the atmosphere through their words and their presence and they can fill a room with hope, love, peace, joy, and other positive emotions. They can change the interaction and the relationship between people in a room by restoring hope, vision, and vitality and making tension, apathy and fear disappear. People feel calm when they are in the presence of a spiritual leader.

If your calling in life is to give others spiritual guidance, you are a person who can transform negativity into positivity, and you have the power to bring people closer to God. You have a vision that cannot be taken away from you and your life’s meaning involves helping other people to find their true calling by bringing them closer to God’s message.

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