The Real Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Yoga Pants

There are so many yoga pants out there that are very expensive. When you look at them it is normal to think about the fact that you might end up paying too much for something that is not so great. However, we also quickly figure out that when we buy really cheap gear it ends up disintegrating right before our eyes. Many pants just stretch out after a couple of washes so the cheapest option is definitely not great. However, how can we make a good choice? Everything boils down to understanding the difference between yoga luxury clothes and cheap yoga pants.

Social And Environmental Impact

Cheap yoga pants are basically made cheaper and faster. People buy them really quickly, they wear them out faster and then they throw them away. After that, you need a new pair. This is what people mean when they say “disposable fashion” and it has very strong environmental and human impacts behind it. Fashion is highly polluting due to printing, fabrics processing and bleaching.

Consumers now need to assess all choices about workout clothes. The cheap yoga pants will be highly affordable but this is paid through cheap labor and what happens to the environment. The yoga pants that are more expensive are usually made in more developed countries. People working on them are paid better, conditions are safer and stricter laws apply.

Technical Fabrics

A huge difference between expensive and cheap yoga pants is the fabric used. Cheap pairs usually use cotton blends. This is comfortable but not really suitable for sweating and working out. What should be remembered is that cotton will retain moisture and can easily wear out, stretch out and tear. The high-end yoga pants use material that is moisture wicking, thus preventing rashes, easily holding shape and stretch in absolutely all directions. This last trait is very important for yoga pants.

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High-end athletic clothing is built tougher, made with much more care. Materials are better and basically everything is higher quality. A good pair of yoga pants can actually last for a few years without tearing or losing shape, all while resisting washes, daily wear and sweat. If you do the math you can actually save a lot of money because you do not replace yoga pants often as you opt for the high-quality option.


High-end yoga pants design is always more stylish. Designs and graphics look cooler, all while small details make a huge difference. Women particularly like the fact that their butt ends up looking perkier. The expensive pants tend to fit a lot better, making the one that wears them more comfortable. This automatically translates into a much better yoga session.


No matter how we look at things, the yoga pants that are more expensive are definitely better. You are tempted to buy the cheap yoga pants because you think you save money but even that is not true in the long run. Make sure you opt for the really high-quality pants available and choose what you really like.