The Earth’s Chakra Points

The Earth’s Chakra Points

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Earth Chakras regulate, oversee and optimize the functioning of our planet. They work exactly like human’s chakras and we have exactly the same number of points, because we live here and we need to correspond to the vibrations of Earth.

The functions of those energy points are identical; they prove that Earth is alive just like any other planet in the Universe.

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  1. Muladhara – Shasta Mountain, California. It represents our connection with the loved ones and family. It is the base of emotional and mental health. Muladhara is the most primitive Chakra. Shasta energy is like a geyser of vital energy, without shape or structure. It is situated at the “base” of the world energy system, which means that when you work with this force, it is vital to evoke at least one more Chakra.
  1. Svadisthana – Titicaca Lake, Peru. This is the Chakra of relationships; it also represents the power of choosing between more options. Titicaca Lake is correlated to sexual chakra. The vital force of Muladhara is transmitted to Svadisthana through Ley artery. The Lake has one of the biggest magnetic force on Earth.
  1. Manipura – Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Australia. Manipura is the personal power reflected in the relations with the exterior world; it supports us to individualize and human beings and train ourselves. The old legends of creations tell a story about a ritual that needs to take place on Uluru Mountain. This ritual is meant to complete the “great plan” of Earth. When the ritual is complete, perfection will spread in the entire world and death will disappear.
  1. Anahata – Glastonbury and Shaftesbury, UK. The fourth Chakra is the emotional power, which helps us to develop emotional and it also incorporates the spiritual lesson that teaches us that the most powerful energy that we own is love. Glastonbury, Somerset and Shaftesbury define the centre of hear chakra. Glastonbury is the origin place of Holy Grail and Shaftesbury is the place of the Holy Lance. When the energies of Earth from Glastonbury meet the ones from Shaftesbury, Snake Rainbow through Ley artery is capable to offer the Holy Grail to all the beings in the world.
  1. Vishuda – Great Pyramid, Sinai Mountain and Mt. of Olives. This is the power of willing. It teaches us that when you truly want something, you will be able to achieve it sooner or later. It represents the complete union with the divine will. This fifth chakra, in the Middle East, is a major component of another vital structure of Earth, formed from four vortices that have qualities like the four elements: fire, air, water and earth. People won’t be in harmony with the purpose of life until they will learn to hear, listen and respect the voice of Earth.
  1. Ajna – The Aeon Activation Centre, mobile. Ajna is the power of our mind – our mental and rational capacities and our psychological abilities to evaluate our attitudes and beliefs. It is the spiritual centre where our mind and soul interact, which can lead to intuitive perception and wisdom. This also helps us make the difference between thoughts governed by power and thoughts motivated by fear and disillusionment. “Thought” is before “shape”, which means that creation begins in an energy dimension. This is why we need to be careful with our thoughts and be aware that we can create negative things. This “third eye” moves 1/12 around the world, to west, at the beginning of every new era. Eras are determined by a slow revolution of Earth axis. The name of those areas is from the 12 signs of the zodiac. At some point after 4000 AD, this change will produce again.
  1. Sahasrara – Kailas Mountain, Tibet. Sahasrara represents the connection with divinity, being the Chakra of prayer. Kailas is the most sacred Mountain from Himalaya. Seventh chakra is the chakra of the truth.
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