Stress-free moving tips

Moving house can leave us exhausted, exasperated, and wondering why we decided to leave in the first place! Are you moving house? Tearing your hair out already? Here are some tips to help.

1. Be prepared

Taking your time to make an efficient move is key. Make a moving checklist of everything you need: a removal company, the right removal vehicle, moving furniture, moving boxes, cleaning products etc. Write a step-by-step checklist where you can tick off tasks after completing them; this will leave you satisfied as you see the list decreasing as you complete more and more tasks. Organize and label removals boxes Hampstead according to what room they will go in. Don’t be afraid to ask family and friends for help, delegating tasks to keen helpers. Take advantage of services such as Ikea delivery rather than trying to do everything yourself.


2. Make time

Don’t try to do everything the night or two before the move. Start to prepare early, adding to your list a deadline for each particular task. List items that are used less and start to pack them first. Leave the essential and most used items until last. Accept that not everything will go as planned, but it is important to be patient and take it slow when things go wrong or change.


3. Make space

As you pack, make a pile of things that you no longer need. Give away clothes you never wear to a charity. De-clutter your life a little. This will leave you feeling fresh in your new place; taking endless time to find space for things you don’t even need, use or want Can be very frustrating.

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4. Make change

Don’t forget that as well as physically moving your belongings, you will have to change your utilities and other mailing addresses too. Don’t leave this until the last minute, as there are always unforeseen challenges in the process. Tackle one job every few days in the weeks or even months leading up to your move. And indeed, shop around before you re-commit– perhaps your new area has better deals that will save you money on your bills in your new house.


5. Take care of yourself

The rush and fuss of moving can lead you to become tired and you may neglect yourself in the quest to get organized. Being healthy, feeling energized and refreshed with good sleeping patterns, taking time to relax and not worry about the impending changes will all help to make the transition smoother and will make the build up to leaving much more exciting.


6. Animal shelter

Are you moving with pets? Make a list of things to help them acclimatize – a distressed animal does not bode well for a stress-free move. In the old house, shut them in an already-cleared room with a litter tray and food on the day of the move to avoid them going missing. Ask your vet for tips on how to make the animal comfortable once in motion. In the new place, do the same and leave them in one empty room with food and a litter tray while they get used it it. Gradually let them explore the house later when they are less likely to get under your feet. When you let them outside for the first time, make sure it is just before meal time so they have an incentive to come back!

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10. Hello, Goodbye
Take time to make the most of your old neighborhood before you leave. Have tea or coffee, at cafes and with neighbors and friends; take a walk in that park behind your house; recount happy memories in local places. And then, discover your new area – find a new café, take a walk through that local park, find a new favorite restaurant, and familiarize yourself with all the amenities in the area. Then, when the move comes, you will already know where to go for those last-minute items you forgot about such as cleaning products, or just where to go for a therapeutic swim when it all gets a bit much!