Is Spirituality Really the Opposite of Science?

Is Spirituality Really the Opposite of Science?

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Have you ever stopped to think about the way in which spirituality and science might be related or the ways in which they influence one another if they do? Do you have a clear map in your mind in what concerns items and facts that are from the spirituality field and the ones that come from science? Are these two related in any way as far as you and your way of thinking are concerned?

It looks like this challenging question has been asked by many specialists in different fields of activity in the last few hundreds of years. Those who are from the spirituality field have a certain opinion whereas scientists may have a totally different one. How could we get to the fond of this important question and discover whether spirituality actually is the opposite of science as many have perceived it in the last 300 hundred years or not?

The science vs. culture debate

science vs. culture

Some specialists as well as regular people have often used science to explain concepts such as beauty and culture whereas others have always said that anything related to science is on the total opposite side of culture or spirituality. What do you think? Some critics would definitely answer this question by saying that science is the concept that actually destroys the sense of magic that people usually tend to get from all sorts of stories.

We cannot agree or disagree with this but we can say one thing: spirituality and science influence one another for sure and it does not really matter whether they are on the same side or not because they have common principles involved in their evolution anyway. There are many more opposite concepts or at least this is how they are presented when comparing spirituality to science but in the end, some of these still seem strangely similar in meaning.

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The Science Delusion

enjoy science

The question of whether spirituality and science are on opposite sides has been the target concept for many university professors from different fields of activity. They have tried to use their knowledge and extensive reading and research abilities so as to find and use the most reliable sources in their attempt to finally find an answer to this challenging question that seems to be impossible to answer.

A famous English professor from the Illinois State University, Curtis White has published an interesting book on this theme earlier this year. The book is entitled The Science Delusion and has been structured as an interesting polemic about the way in which science has drained the real meaning and beauty of this world. The professor suggested in his book that science is not actually the right concept to consider as being able to offer a serious answer to the enigmatic concepts of soul and spirit as explained by the fields of psychology and art.

The effects of the debate


Curtis White has also mentioned in his book some serious and meaningful reasons why this whole debate might have actually caused the humanity a lot in terms of finding its right path. He considers that humanity has been too much concerned with perceiving the world from a scientific perspective in the last few years which has made it lose its way.

The reality is that his way of thinking has brought a lot of controversy among scientists and spiritualists at the same time. He has caused such a great stir with his way of thinking that he felt the need to just run away from the whole publicity of the case afterwards by publicly declaring that his book was only an exaggerated satire meant to send a simple message and nothing more.

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Not many of those who had been shocked of reading his thoughts have actually perceived it is a joke or seemed to understand the meaning of the joke after his interview. Scientists and spiritualists felt the urge to express their admiration or totally reject White’ thoughts by bringing what they considered to be serious evidence to support their opinion and reaction after the book was published.

Previous famous articles on the subject


The whole debate concerning spirituality and science is a very old one which has been seriously analyzed by specialists in the past as well. Back in the 1990s, Alan Sokal, a famous scientist published an interesting article that was considered very aggressive against science especially for the time when it was written.

The article caused so much stir then as well that the scientist came out to claim his article as being an elaborate hoax later on. He denied ever considering science as subject to critical theory. Furthermore, he said that what the article managed to prove was that humanity scholars are easy to fool.

This is how the debate has moved back and forth in the last 300 years with specialists from both fields trying to prove that either science or spirituality might have the world supremacy and the absolute truth behind it.

Our conclusion

This is how we see things: we will never be able to totally separate science from spirituality or consider them on the same side because it might just be necessary to have both of these concepts in the world to help us explain things and happenings in a different manner or from a different perspective.

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We could never consider ethical decisions or judgments as being entirely scientific no matter how hard we might try. We could also never base ourselves on science only so as to explain how the beauty, the art and the whole spirituality phenomenon has appeared and still plays a great role in the life of humans worldwide.

After all, it might just be up to every one of us to decide whether we see the similarity in these concepts or whether we consider that they have absolutely nothing in common at all. The bottom line might just be that you cannot use science to discover the reality as an artistic concept or discover any scientific fact through spirituality and cultural thinking and this approach is the simple answer to this old and complex debate.

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